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Charged EVs | LANXESS and IBU‑tec to develop iron oxides for LFP battery material Leave a comment


German chemical company LANXESS and battery materials manufacturer IBU-tec are collaborating on research aimed at developing iron oxides for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode material and improving battery performance. The companies want to improve LFP battery energy density, charging speed and cycle life. 

European LFP demand is predicted to climb 20% per year until 2030. The companies aim to drive the development of the European LFP battery market and establish an independent value chain. LANXESS has extensive experience developing iron oxide, and can deliver particles in the right size, purity, shape and quantity for LFP batteries.

“IBU-tec is the ideal partner for us to develop the new material, which is a key component for batteries in EVs and stationary energy storage systems,” said Michael Ertl, Head of the Inorganic Pigments business unit at LANXESS. “This is an important contribution to sustainability and the development of a European value chain in the field of battery materials.”



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