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An EV for under $10,000? After selling nearly 35,000 Seagull models in March, cumulative sales of BYD’s cheapest electric car topped 360,000. And that’s in less than 12 months since it launched.

BYD sells over 360,000 units of its cheapest electric car

BYD launched the Seagull on April 26, 2023. It was initially available in three trims, starting at $10,200 (RMB 73,800), its cheapest electric car.

The base model featured 190 miles (305 km) CLTC range, while the long-range top trim features over 250 miles (405 km) range. After selling over 280,000 Seagull models last year, topping the popular Dolphin and Atto 3, BYD revealed an even lower-priced version last month.

BYD revealed the new Seagull EV Honor Edition with a “shocking price starting from 69,800 yuan,” or about $9,700 USD.

The new model is powered by a 30.08 kWh or 38.88 kWh battery pack for 190 miles (305 km) or 252 miles (405 km) CLTC range, respectively. The three new Seagull EV trims include:

BYD Seagull Honor Edition trim Starting Price Range
Active $9,700
(69,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
Free $10,500
(75,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
Flying $12,000
(85,800 yuan)
252 mi
(405 km)
BYD Seagull EV prices and range

After selling nearly 35,000 Seagulls models in March alone, BYD’s cheapest electric car topped 360,000 cumulatively in less than one year.

BYD is launching the Seagull as the “Dolphin Mini” in overseas markets. The low-cost EV landed in Brazil earlier with a starting price around $20,000 (99,800 BRL).

BYD Dolphin Mini (Seagull) testing in Brazil (Source: BYD)

According to BYD’s UK Marketing Manager, Mark Blundell, the automaker is “keen to have” the Seagull launch in the region.

Speaking with Autocar, Blundell said BYD aims to “make electric cars accessible to all,” and low prices are the focus. If launched, BYD’s Seagull would likely be the cheapest electric car in the UK, which could fuel its overseas expansion.

BYD Seagull EV (Source: BYD)

BYD sold over 300,000 EVs globally in the first three months of the year, up 13% YOY. However, the growth was not enough to top Tesla, which delivered 386,810 EVs in Q1 2024.

Electrek’s Take

BYD plans to accelerate its expansion with new lower-priced vehicles as it looks to take market share from gas-powered vehicles.

The Seagull is already garnering attention from top automakers globally. Ford’s CEO Jim Farley called the low-cost EV “pretty damn good” and warned rivals of BYD’s superior technology.

With most vehicle components built in-house, including batteries, BYD has a major advantage. The company can launch EVs under $10,000 and still earn a profit. This success is causing automakers like Ford, Volkswagen, Tesla, Rivian, and Kia to shift to smaller, more affordable electric vehicles.

BYD plans to launch its next-gen Blade EV battery this year, which will enable even lower prices while boosting range. The new battery could support over 621 miles (1,000 km) CLTC range for all-electric vehicles.

The company claims new energy vehicles (including PHEVs) have entered the “knockout round” over gas-powered cars with better tech and lower prices.

Source: TheDriven, BYD Weibo

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