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2Pac Murder: Keefe D Deemed ‘Too Dangerous’ For Bail Leave a comment


2Pac‘s alleged killer Keefe D is being deemed “too dangerous” to be released on bail ahead of his trial for the late rapper’s murder.

According to documents obtained by TMZ on Friday (December 29), the state of Nevada is pushing back on Keefe’s prior request to be released from custody on his own recognizance. His request also asked to set his bail no higher than $100k so that he could pay it if the original request was not possible.

Unfortunately for him, it’s not looking likely. The outlet reports that prosecutors have provided several reasons why Keefe D should stay behind bars, including the fact he’s a former high-ranking member of the South Side Compton Crips.

They also noted that he’s confessed multiple times to involvement in 2Pac’s murder over the years – something his lawyers recently claimed were merely just for “entertainment purposes.”

Prosecutors also claim he’s made credible threats to witnesses from behind bars and are, overall, requesting he remain behind bars until the start of the trial.

Last month, Keefe D received a confirmed trial start date of June 3, 2024. Though Nevada is a capital punishment state, prosecutors will not be seeking the death penalty if convicted.

The former gang member, who is now 60 and claims to have been diagnosed with cancer, is the only person to ever be charged with Pac’s murder after he was arrested in September.

Despite pleading not guilty, Keefe D has made a number of claims over the years to masterminding the late rapper’s death, including detailing the incident in his 2019 book Compton Street Legend.

Nevada prosecutors claim that Pac was involved in a casino brawl with known Crips gang member Orlando Anderson — who is the nephew of Keefe D — on the night of the shooting.

Anderson is believed to have been in the car with Keefe D during the drive-by shooting, with some accounts IDing him as the gunman. He was killed himself in an unrelated gang shooting in 1998.

2Pac’s Father Breaks Silence On Murder Suspect Keefe D's Arrest: 'It's Not The Truth'

2Pac’s Father Breaks Silence On Murder Suspect Keefe D’s Arrest: ‘It’s Not The Truth’

The shooting of 2Pac also wounded Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight, who is himself serving a prison sentence of 28 years for voluntary manslaughter.

Knight has since commented on Keefe D’s arrested in an interview with TMZ from prison, stating that he won’t testify against the former gang member if called to the stand during the trial.

“Well, surprise, number one,” Knight said when asked for his reaction to Keefe’s arrest. “Because I don’t think Keefe D would ever get arrested, nor do I want to see him get arrested.

“Let’s get one thing straight, first and foremost: me and Keefe D played on the same Pop Warner football team. And whatever circumstances — if he had an involvement with anything, if he didn’t have an involvement with anything, I wouldn’t wish somebody going to prison on my worst enemy.”


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