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50 Cent Reveals ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Will End With Fourth Season Leave a comment


50 Cent has announced that a current chapter of the popular Power franchise is nearing its conclusion as he focuses on developing a spin-off.

On Thursday (March 14), the G-Unit boss took to Instagram and shared a teaser for the next season of Power Book II: Ghost.

In addition to revealing that it will be the series’ final season, the post notably added that the bundle will be split in two parts — the first is scheduled to premiere on June 7 and the second on September 6.

“Brace yourself for the final chapter,” the 48-year-old wrote in the caption.

With that, Fif’s immense success in the film and television space is entering its next phase as the mogul continues to expand his empire. Earlier this week, he announced that the critically acclaimed franchise is being developed further with a spin-off centered on the original show’s leading characters.

“You asked, I answered,” he captioned an Instagram post in which he revealed that a prequel project is in the works. “Young Ghost and Tommy coming your way. Power Origins now in development.”

Whether Omari Hardwick (Ghost) or Joseph Sikora (Tommy) are involved in the project is unclear as of now.

Prior to the above announcement, STARZ CEO Jeff Hirsch elaborated on the decision to shift the network’s focus.

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50 Cent Shares New Details On Eminem ‘8 Mile’ TV Series: ‘It’ll Be Huge’

“When seasons go from one to two to three to four [seasons], three to four is where the cost really pops because most of the actors get bigger raises, and you have to really manage that,” he explained during an appearance at a Deutsche Bank media conference. “So, you have to have in your portfolio of development shows that can actually replace shows as they get into later seasons.”

Last year, Fif received approval from the Shreveport City Council to take over a massive studio in the southern city to base his G-Unit Film & TV division out of. The lease will cost him $2,400 annually for 30 years, after which he can renew it for 15 more if he pleases.

“All roads lead to Shreveport, this is a game changer,” he wrote on Instagram next to an image of a broadcast news story about his endeavor. “Mayor Tom Arceneaux is one of the smartest guys I ever met in my life. Watch how many jobs are created as result of this.”

The month prior, city council members introduced legislation for the lease of the Millennium Movie Studio as a base for the mogul’s entertainment company.

Soon after it was greenlit, he shared a photo of the colossal brick estate on social media and wrote: “All Roads lead to Shreveport if you ready to work in film and television. G-unit studios Is officially in Louisiana. BOOM GLG GREENLIGHTGANG.”

About welcoming the New York MC to his city, Arceneaux said: “We enjoyed for a period after 2005, we enjoyed a very robust television and film industry in the Shreveport area. This will bring back, I think, a lot of those people and will rejuvenate that industry in our area. So I think the film industry is about to blossom again in Shreveport.

“[50 Cent]’s undertaking all of the maintenance and repair, which is around 160 to 170 thousand dollars a year. So to look at just the lease payment is not fair to him.”

He continued: “We also anticipate he’s going to make several million dollars of improvements to the facility. This is a very serious proposal, a very serious undertaking by him.”


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