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50 Cent Will Pay ‘Top Dollar’ For Footage Of Diddy’s Parties Leave a comment


50 Cent has claimed he is willing to pay big bucks for video footage from one of Diddy’s alleged parties that were attended by the rich and famous.

50 posted a screenshot on Instagram from a news broadcast detailing the accusations against Diddy including producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit which alleges Diddy had hidden cameras in his home.

Lil Rod’s lawsuit claimed that Diddy had recordings of “several celebrities, artists, music label executives and athletes engaging in illegal activity”.

50 captioned the post: “Smh this is gonna be so good, what you want to bet I’m a get these tapes. I’ll pay top dollar for them , you been over there? I don’t go to puffy party’s.”

Diddy has repeatedly and vehemently denied any wrongdoing and called Lil Rod’s lawsuit “baseless”.

Diddy’s alleged parties have been the subject of much speculation since his ex-girlfriend Cassie accused him of rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking last November.

Cassie also accused Diddy of forcing her to engage in sexual activity with male prostitutes while he watched. Diddy settled the lawsuit but maintained he committed no wrongdoing.

50 Cent previously made reference to Diddy’s allegedly debauched parties last year before the Bad Boy Records founder was accused of soliciting underage prostitutes for said parties, allegations which he has strongly denied.

In a video from an undated concert, Fif revealed to the laughing audience why he doesn’t go to “Puffy parties.”

Uncle Luke Explains Why He Used To Leave Diddy's Parties Early

Uncle Luke Explains Why He Used To Leave Diddy’s Parties Early

“Nuh uh,” he said. “That n-gga hug you from the front and the back at the same time? Fuck you talkin’ ’bout? I mean, if you into that, you into that. I’m fine with it. I’m just saying this ain’t my motherfuckin’ kind of party. I’m uncomfortable. I think I belong in the girl’s bathroom.”

After Lil Rod initially filed his lawsuit earlier this year, 50 also took the opportunity to taunt Diddy and a couple of his other rivals over the rumors relating to the parties.

50 posted pictures of the Harlem mogul with Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather that made it look as if they were about to kiss along with the caption: “Maybe this is a big misunderstanding. I just don’t go to the man’s parties. This is just not my kinda vibe.”


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