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Benny The Butcher summoned Hit-Boy and The Alchemist to assist on the production of his latest album, Everybody Can’t Go, and he has now elaborated on the difference between both beatmakers.

In an exclusive interview clip with HipHopDX published on Sunday (February 18), the Griselda MC discussed what it’s like working with the two titans.

“Al is never finished with a song, y’know what I’m saying? He’s never finished with a song,” the 39-year-old explained. “Y’know, Hit, he always like trying to bring the superhero Butcher out of me, y’know what I mean? That’s his job.

“Me and Al make gritty music, but I can’t say it’s like we look to make gritty music — it’s just our sound is gritty.”

About the similarities between both studio chefs, he shared: “They both had little sayings through the session that encouraged me to go crazy […] Al might say, ‘Yo, this record sound like that one record we did,’ but that one record that he naming is like our biggest record, so he’s basically saying it’s like, ‘You can make this like that.’

“Hit-Boy, he’d do it that same way — he’d play a beat and say like, ‘I know you can kill this,’ meaning like, ‘You better kill this.’

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Benny The Butcher Compares Hit-Boy & Alchemist's Production Process

Hit-Boy and The Alchemist, who have stayed within arm’s length of one another lately, released an extended play without any prior notice earlier this month.

The duo of super producers surprise-dropped three tracks packaged as Theodore & Andre on the first day of February, clocking in at just a little under 10 minutes. Though the two have worked on a lot of the same projects before and even released a song together, this marked their first joint bundle.

Big Hit Discovers The Alchemist Is Actually White In Hilarious Studio Moment

Big Hit Discovers The Alchemist Is Actually White In Hilarious Studio Moment

Drummer Jonathan Hulett assisted on the project, which features beats and bars by both California natives. The duo also released a music video for the EP, which is essentially a compilation of chopped-up sections from each song.

Hit-Boy and The Alchemist, both of whom wee nominated for HipHopDX’s Producer Of The Year in 2022 and 2023, joined forces last year to rap over each other’s instrumentals.

The THIRDEYERAZ-directed video for “Slipping Into Darkness” showcased them both cooking up beats inside a boutique store and spitting over them.

Shoot out the lights, I’m puttin’ fifty up/ Then hang my jersey in the rafters right next to Hit/ Hoppin’ out the Trans Am, flexin’ the fit/ Fuck all the talk, just cut the check and split/ Floor seats while I’m sippin’, my piña colada was drippin’ on my Pippen,” Alc raps.

His teammate then steps in with: “I don’t really know dude, he seem like a cool cat/ But I never once heard Metro Boomin do boom bap/ I never heard a Southside beat without an 808 in it/ HB in drunk-driver mode, I swerve in every lane with it.”


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