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Benzino Claims Joe Budden ‘Backed Out’ Of Fight Despite Trash Talk Leave a comment


Benzino has accused Joe Budden ducking his boxing match challenge.

Speaking on Instagram Live, the former publisher of The Source magazine accused Budden of “backing out” of the contest despite previously talking trash.

“Couple days ago, I said I wouldn’t mind fighting Joe Budden. I’ll break his jaw,” Benzino said. “Joe Budden responded, said it would be a bad thing that he would accept the fight. We got in touch with celebrity boxing. I was on the phone with Joe’s manager Ian and they backed out the fight.

“Joe says he doesn’t wanna fight me. Joe ran his mouth and he backed out the fight. He must have been thinking about that straw that he was going to be sipping out of. Didn’t wanna get in the ring. So that’s it for that.”

Benzino issued the challenge last month and threatened to break Joe Budden’s jaw in a boxing match.

“I would love to fight Joe Budden. I’ll fight Joe Budden for free. I’ll do that for charity. I’ll break Joe Budden’s jaw for charity,” he said in a separate Instagram Live stream.

He also claimed he would “demolish” longtime rival Eminem in the ring.

The former Slaughterhouse rapper later addressed Benzino’s challenge on his self-titled podcast and warned him it was a “bad idea.”

“I want to take a brief moment to let Benzino know we can fight anywhere, any time, any day, anyhow, around anybody. We can walk right around the corner,” he said.

“Now, you said you’d do it for free. I’m up so I’m not travelling to do this. This would have to be a home court fight for me. If I could just walk and do it, I’m down.

“If I have to bus, train or plane it to the fight then count me out. But if you just happen to be over here somewhere by me, you ain’t gotta hit the internet with nothing. DM me.

“Any of y’all out there that want an organized free fight in my home, DM me. I’ll schedule that shit.”

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He added: “Somebody that knows Benzino, send this to him, please. Horrible, horrible, horrible idea. But I’m down! I’m so down for this.

“All that old n-gga in the gym, 60-year-old muscle shit — I’m telling you, it’s not gonna work out the way you think. Bad idea.”

Budden previously made disparaging comments about Benzino in February following the Love & Hip Hop alum’s reignited feud with Eminem.

“Maybe punching down is back,” the rapper-turned-podcaster said while praising Em’s “Doomsday Pt. 2” diss song. “I’m down with anybody dissing Benzino. Y’all see him coming out the pool on some bodybuilder shit with the water glistening off his body trying to be like a seal or some shit?

“Old n-ggas shouldn’t do that. He do too much shit that old n-ggas shouldn’t do. And I know he tried to bang that transgender. I don’t care what that n-gga say. I know he did!”

Budden also joked: “Now me and Em on the same side — look what you did, Benzino,” before clarifying: “I ain’t never had a problem with Benzino, but Benzino do make being 50 look corny.”


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