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BLUETTI launches SwapSolar on Indiegogo – bringing you chill vibes (and ice!) wherever you go Leave a comment


Gearing up for a road trip or outdoor adventure? Now you can upgrade your experience with a groundbreaking new SwapSolar ecosystem from BLUETTI, offering the world’s first LFP-powered MultiCooler portable fridge and ice maker with the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station. Enjoy refrigerated food, chill vibes, and even freshly made ice to order, wherever you are. Even better, BLUETTI just launched a new Indigogo campaign offering amazing deals for early bird signups.

The new BLUETTI 3-in-1 MultiCooler is a portable fridge that does it all, and all on the go. It functions as a fridge, freezer, and portable ice maker, which seriously elevates your next road trip or outdoor adventure. Weighing 53 pounds, it’s designed for easy transport with wheels, side grips, and a drawbar. Plus it can make ice in literally minutes off-grid – the first mobile refrigerator that can both keep food cool and make ice at the same time. The MultiCooler has a 42-quart capacity, so that’s about three days’ worth of food or enough to hold around 60 canned drinks. 

Power for days, easy control via an app

The temperature range is equally impressive, with a range of -4F to 68F (-20C to +20C) and a compressor that can cool the MultiCooler down from 86F to 32F (30C to 0C) in just 15 quick minutes.

When you’re ready to make ice, you pour water into the ice-making compartment, wait a couple of minutes, and you’ve got clean, clear cubes ready for your cocktails or cold drinks after a long day in the outdoors – with no cleanup involved. You can even select ice cube sizes via the Bluetooth-connected app. Also, use the app to check real-time power usage, monitor the MultiCooler’s status, customize additional settings, and update firmware.

Versatile charging options, for any situation

The MultiCooler comes equipped with the AC180T, a swappable, modular battery with a pair of removable 19 lb. packs. The AC180T can be plugged into a wall outlet for fast charging before you hit the road – 100% in 70 minutes – or with 500W solar panels for a constant power supply. With a battery inside and connected to solar panels, the MultiCooler will run nonstop for days as long as the sun is shining.

You can also rotate the BLUETTI’s detachable B70, an LFP battery pack (716.8Wh), in and out of the AC180T to keep things humming along smoothly. The B70 comes equipped with an AI-BMS system to ensure safe and stable charging and discharging, and when combined with the AC180T, you’ve got six days of battery life – plus it’s long lasting for 3,000+ life cycles and 5,000+ swap times.

BLUETTI sells these batteries separately, so you can opt for multiple battery packs to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Smooth travels, with no hassle or mess

The MultiCooler comes equipped with 45° tilt protection for rough road. And if you’re concerned about stability in your car, an optional slider has you covered. Plus its innovative temperature control ensures an even, consistent refrigeration, even under direct sunlight, overstepping any food spoilage problems with traditional fridges or coolers. 

And, a major perk is that it operates quietly at 30dB in refrigeration mode and 45dB in ice-making mode. Plus when you’re sleeping, its built-in USB-A and 100W USB-C ports are ready to step up whenever your phone, tablet, or laptop need a boost.

Get your early-bird deal now

BLUETTI saw huge crowdfunding success on Indiegogo with its AC500, so now the company is back at it again with its remarkable SwapSolar ecosystem. Join the Indiegogo campaign, which just launched February 21, and enjoy some of the best deals on limited qualities, with deliveries available in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. Get the AC180T, MultiCooler, and B70 bundle for a super early-bird price of $1,719 (retail price is $2,627). That’s an amazing deal, but it won’t last, so act now.

The MultiCooler comes at an early-bird discount at $569 (retails for $899), and the MultiCooler and AC180T bundle is discounted at $1,429 (retail price is $2,198). Check out all the special deals here. To learn more about the SwapSolar ecosystem, visit here.


Backed by more than 10 years of experience and a fierce commitment to the environment, BLUETTI has curated an extensive and reliable product portfolio tailored for adventures, emergency backup power, and off-grid living, making a tangible and positive impact on minimizing its carbon footprint for the planet. That’s why BLUETTI is an industry leader available in more than 100 countries and trusted by millions of customers around the world. 

Photos: Courtesy of BLUETTI

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