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Bobby Shmurda: Former Partner Launched ‘Propaganda’ Against Me Leave a comment


Bobby Shmurda has accused a former business partner of launching a detrimental “propaganda campaign” against him, quoting Meek Mill in the process.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (February 28), the rapper made an Reel over the Philadelphia rapper’s “#RapTherapy” freestyle — specifically posting a section of the intro monologue: “These are propaganda campaigns. They’ll pay 1,000 people to go online and just post negative things about a particular thing because they know that if that one thing, if it was discovered what it’ll really do, it’s gonna offset their profits.”

He offered context in the caption, writing: “To anybody who’s in the business of products advertisement or marketing and endorsements And all people who don’t know what that means it’s (entertainment) business all aspects of it. Now This is how you read the net if you’re going to get your information from it.

“the Internet majority of geniuses don’t use the Internet to find out about people nevertheless, to find out about product However, when you become a artist, you are now product somebody’s product, either your own or your own by a Major company, lol get me now.”

Shmurda continued: “so this is the reason why somebody will want to assassinate your character if you are no longer partners with them in product because the minute somebody discovers who you are they are going to make a whole Lotta money that they miss the chance out on.”

For his part, Meek Mill reposted the Instagram reel on X, formerly known as Twitter, on the same day.

Last week, the “Living Life” rapper and his entourage rolled up to the Proud Cabaret nightclub in London, England, at around 4:00 a.m. local time.

Bobby Shmurda Offers Fans Inside Look At Wild Christmas Celebration In Dubai

Bobby Shmurda Offers Fans Inside Look At Wild Christmas Celebration In Dubai

Shmurda was reportedly scheduled to play a whole set, but he only managed to get through two songs before a melee broke out.

A man who has been identified as the promoter of the nightclub can be seen getting into it with Bobby Shmurda, who ultimately ends up spitting on one of the patrons in the club.

Bobby Shmurda and his crew were ultimately ejected from the club, but no charges were pressed, and the night continued as planned after they were gone.

It’s not clear whether this incident was part of the larger propaganda campaign that Shmurda was referring to in his post.


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