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Boosie Badazz Hilariously Catches Staggering Number Of Fish Leave a comment


Boosie Badazz is extremely proud of himself after catching 126 fish during a recent outing as he has been flaunting them online — his followers, however, have been clowning him ever since.

The Baton Rouge rapper made the big catch on Saturday (April 6), following which he took to Instagram to publicize his massive win. In addition to lining each fish up on the ground in front of him, he even sat behind them on a cooler holding up a notebook in which he wrote, “126.”

“Boosie done laid the Catfish out on the ground like he conducted a Police Raid,”one person commented, while another added: “This nigga took a picture like wilt chamberlain.”

A third person joked: “We need Boosie on ESPN sports fishing Asap!”

Soon after, Boosie posted a video jokingly responding to fans that he captioned: “STOP PLAYIN WITH A FISHATERIAN my fishin videos will be on BOOSIEUNCUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TODAY SUBSCRIBE NOW.”

In a second video post, he added: “Woke up a lot of people in they feelings about me catching fish. Don’t get mad at me! Rest of the year, all fishing season, all I’m eating is fish. I’m a fishaterian. God told you he gon’ put hooks in they jaws!”

Boosie Badazz is known for having quite the presence on social media. In a recent video posted to his Instagram, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper sent his 14-year-old son scampering in embarrassment after catching him lusting over photos of Latto.

Peering over the child’s shoulder, he covertly recorded the teen staring at racy images of the Atlanta rapper on his phone, which also appeared to be his screensaver.

Boosie Badazz Challenges Big Tigger To Hilarious Courtside Swag Surf Battle

Boosie Badazz Challenges Big Tigger To Hilarious Courtside Swag Surf Battle

Upon noticing that his dad had been filming him, the boy scurried away while hiding his phone as he said: “Man, gone ‘head, bruh!”

That’s when Boosie’s teasing began, with him saying: “This n-gga in love with Mulatto! Mulatto, I need you at the 16th birthday party. This n-gga is gone!”

In the caption of his IG post: “BUSTED BY DADDY [crying face emojis] HE IS @latto777 CRAZY [heart eyes emojis] ITS OK U 14 [crying face emojis] my son got a Slideshow of her I’m lmao.”


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