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Boosie Badazz Shares Footage Of Police With ‘Stalker’ At His House Leave a comment


Boosie Badazz has been having troubles with an alleged stalker of late, and now law enforcement has gotten involved.

On Friday (March 1), the Baton Rouge rapper shared a series of clips from the front gate of his home in which the authorities could be seen confronting a woman.

“Yeah, we got her ass now, look,” he said while pointing his smartphone camera at the cops. “Crazy stalker bitch. Other day, she pulled up, jumped out with two BB guns, talkin’ bout she finna spray the house. The day before that, after that, she jumped out again with two BB Guns and tried to walk up on [his son] Tootie.

“Last week, she came again, talkin’ bout we married and I bought her $20,000 earrings. A month ago, she did some more shit. Now, today, she come block my driveway off so nobody can come through, talkin’ bout she ready to die, with her kids in the car. Stalker ass bitch — you tryin’ a n-gga now.”

Watch the videos below:

Boosie has had other troubles as well. Last week, the Louisiana native had quite the scare with his ongoing diabetes management, though his condition is now stable.

Taking to Instagram Live to talk to his followers about the harrowing ordeal in late February, he explained how being slightly forgetful for even a moment could have some serious repercussions on his well-being.

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Drumma Boy Taps Boosie Badazz & Hot Boy Turk To Support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign

“My sugar was real low, man,” he began. “I woke up sweating, running all over the room. Having a sugar attack this morning, my sugar dropped. Lucky, I had some leftover food in there. I forgot my glucose thing, bruh. I had a crazy day.

“I left my ankle monitor charger, I left my insulin. I had to fly [my boy] up here with that. I got my little girls with me, so I be tripping sometimes. And then when he finally got to me at like 12:30 at night last night, it was high so I had to take a big dosage.”

He continued: “And I must have took too much last night [because] it dropped on me this morning. It was scary this morning. I took too much insulin last night. My body tired now. When I have a sugar attack, all my energy be gone. Shit take everything out of me.”


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