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Busta Rhymes, Usher & More Attend Big Pre-Oscar Party In Beverly Hills Leave a comment


Los Angeles, CA – 

Busta Rhymes and Usher were among the many A-listers present at a Beverly Hills gathering prior to the 2024 Academy Awards.

On the night of Friday (March 8), the William Morris Endeavor talent agency threw a massive party in Los Angeles. The event took place at the Beverly Estate, also known as the “Godfather Mansion” due to its use in a famous scene from the 1972 film The Godfather.

In addition to the two superstars mentioned above, TMZ reported that John Legend, Teyana Taylor and Justin Timberlake were some of the other titans present at the bash.

Other than the aforementioned musicians, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Rob Lowe were also there.

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday (March 10) at the the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Regarding Hip Hop’s crossover with the movies’ biggest night, Juicy J took a trip down memory lane last year and told a story about how Will Smith took on a condescending attitude after Three 6 Mafia won their first Oscar in 2006.

The Memphis rap veteran made an appearance on Allison Interviews in September, where he discussed the backstory of his ordeal with the legendary rapper and actor in detail.

“[Will Smith] ran up, he was like, ‘Man, I’m just mad ’cause y’all got one before me,’” the 48-year-old MC recalled. “It could’ve been a joke, but I don’t know him.

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Saved Their Marriage

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Saved Their Marriage

“First of all, when I seen him, I was like, ‘I grew up listening to your music, man. It’s an honor to meet you.’ And he shook my hand, but he was like, ‘Man, what the hell? Y’all got one before me?’”

He continued: “And like I said, he could have been joking. He’s a comedian, too. But I didn’t take it like that because I’m thinking people are gonna be like, ‘Congratulations.’ But he didn’t say that.”

Three 6 Mafia took home a golden statue for Best Original Song in 2006 for Hustle & Flow‘s “Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp.”


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