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Buzz Centris: The No-Excuses eBike [Video] Leave a comment


The Buzz Centris confidently addresses the major eBike categories of commuter, cargo, adventure, and utility, bridging the gap between electric cycling, and, well… anything else. With so many choices out there, paralysis by analysis is a real hurdle. Today, we will explore the features that make the Buzz Centris a compelling choice for riders looking to venture into the world of electric bikes without breaking the bank. Check out the coupon codes below for additional savings!

Buzz Bicycles, originating from Dayton Ohio, has been around for some time, and we’ve even had the chance to try out some of their models. The company has sibling companies Huffy Bicycles, Niner Bikes, Batch Bicycles, and Royce Union. While this brings a wealth of expertise to the table, the Centris, priced at an MSRP of $1,199, offers a killer value.

The step-through frame design of the Buzz Centris is one of its standout features, ensuring easy mounting and dismounting, catering to riders of all kinds. The bike’s folding capabilities contribute to its versatility, allowing it to fit into tight spaces effortlessly. The folding bike boasts a sturdy yet compact frame that seamlessly transitions into cargo bike territory. The removable front and rear racks enhance its cargo-carrying capacity, making it a practical choice for commuting, grocery store runs, or even some light Costco runs.

The Buzz Centris comes in either white, or black (shown here), and includes an industry leading 10 year limited warranty on the frame, 2 year limited warranty on electrical components, and a 6 month limited warranty on additional components. With ease of access, and lasting peace of mind, Buzz has made a great bike for the introductory rider of any age.

The aluminum frame, folding pedals, and handlebars make it a practical solution for storage and transportation. The cable routing, including the frame and folding joint, showcases attention to detail and quality control, reinforcing the Centris’s reliability. Safety is a top priority for Buzz, even in their affordable models. The Centris complies with the UL 2849 standard for electrical systems, and its safety features include front and rear disc brakes, integrated lights, a bell, and reflectors.

The Centris, weighing in at 67lbs, is a well-balanced electric bike that stands out as a practical and versatile option for riders seeking a ‘do-everything’ electric bike. Powering the Centris is a 500W rear hub motor paired with a Shimano Tourney derailleur and a twist shifter for efficient gear changes. The Class 2 designation allows the Centris to reach a maximum speed of 20 mph, whether through pedal assist or the throttle. The 48v, 10ah battery provides a decent range, offering approximately 15-20 miles at full throttle and up to 40 miles with moderate use.

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