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While Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to gain global attention for its latest EV innovations, the Chinese automaker is targeting its home turf for its latest strategy. Earlier today, BYD launched refreshed versions of its flagship Han and Tang models, stoking an ongoing EV price war overseas by slashing the MSRPs of the updated models.

The Tang is one of BYD’s longest-running EV models in production, arriving in 2015 as a plug-in hybrid crossover. The vehicle is part of BYD’s Dynasty series, which also includes the Han, which joined the lineup in 2020.

Both models have since seen all-electric versions hit the market and have helped contribute to tremendous sales that helped BYD dethrone Tesla as the global EV leader in 2023. The BYD Tang and Han have seen facelifts in the past three years, alongside special editions and lower prices, similar to today’s EV news.

Following suit with some of its competitors in China, BYD is more than willing to participate in an ongoing price war in the mid- to high-end EV market and has cut prices of its newly announced refreshed models, according to a launch event earlier today.

BYD price war
The new Han EV / Source: BYD/Weibo

BYD throws latest jab in China’s EV price war

Making good on its promise to deliver refreshed versions of its EV models following the Chinese New Year, BYD has rolled out Glory Editions of its Han and Tang Dynasty models.

According to BYD’s Weibo page, the updated EVs arrive at a starting MSRP of RMB 169,800 ($23,590) for the Han and RMB 179,800 ($24,980) for the Tang, down RMB 20,000 ($2,780) and RMB 30,000 ($4,170) respectively, compared to preceding versions.

That said, those low-end prices apply to the DM-line of BYD vehicles, which are plug-in hybrids. However, BYD is still fueling China’s price war by introducing four trims of the Han Glory Edition EV compared to the five of the previous Champion Edition. Here’s how they break down:

  • Han EV Champion Edition (2023):
    • RMB 209,800 ($29,145)
    • RMB 229,800 ($31,925)
    • RMB 259,800 ($36,095)
    • RMB 279,800 ($38,870)
    • RMB 299,800 ($41,650)
  • Han EV Glory Edition (2024):
    • RMB 179,800 ($24,980)
      • CLTC Range: 506 km (314 miles)
    • RMB 199,800 ($27,760)
      • CLTC Range: 605 km (376 miles)
    • RMB 219,800 ($30,535)
      • CLTC Range: 715 km (444 miles)
    • RMB 249,800 ($34,700)
      • CLTC Range: 610 km (379 miles) (AWD)

According to CnEVPost, there is also a limited green version of the Han EV that will remain on sale for the same price – RMB 331,800 ($46,095). Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Glory Edition update of the Tang currently only applies to the DM-i PHEV, not the EV. Per the BYD website, the Tang EV is still on sale in previous Champion and Warrior editions.

While both the BYD Tang and Han EVs are currently sold in markets outside of China and its price war, there has yet to be a mention of whether these updated versions will make their way over just yet.

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