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Cam’ron Details Nia Long Encounter After Grilling From Ma$e Leave a comment


Cam’ron has provided some context to his night out with Nia Long after photographs of the two partying together went viral over the weekend.

On a new episode of It Is What It Is that aired on Monday (December 18), Ma$e wasted no time in probing his co-host about what went down with his longtime crush, who the latter referred to as “Ni-Amor.”

“I’m not with Nia,” Cam clarified off the bat, saying that he was introduced to her through a mutual friend. “She was very, very cool […] She says, ‘You’re funny. You’re hilarious.’”

He even recalled asking the actress about sliding into her DMs, to which she apparently responded: “Now that was fly.”

After laughing off rumors that the meeting was contrived by LeBron James as a dig at Ime Udoka, who recently clashed with the Lakers star and used to be in a relationship with Long, the “Hey Ma” hitmaker once again clarified that nothing happened between him and Nia.

He did, however, admit: “She did not give me her number. I actually gave her my number, but she didn’t give me hers. We have not spoke.”

Watch Cam and Murda get straight into it at the 0:58 mark below:

Cam’ron and Nia Long came face to face at sports agent Rich Paul’s 42nd birthday party in West Hollywood over the weekend, where they were seen sharing a laugh while posing for photos.

“He want the scoop, she want the tea, I can not talk, we keeping it street!! [shrug emoji] @iamnialong aka Ni-Amore [heart emojis],” Cam wrote on Instagram while sharing photos of their encounter.

The link-up came more than a year after the Dipset rapper slid into Nia’s DMs following reports that her then-fiancé Ime Udoka cheated on her with an employee of the Boston Celtics.

Shooting his shot, Cam eloquently wrote: “Hey stink. I was giving you some time to yourself till I reached out. Your perseverance as a strong black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold.

“You shouldn’t be taken advantage of and exploited as you did nothing to deserve this. Especially all over these sports networks. You’re bigger and better then [sic] that. You’re a queen, and by the way I’m a king. Together we can achieve the greatness we were both destine [sic] for as a couple.”

He continued: “As I sit here sipping gazpacho and watching ‘the best man’ I was inspired to reach out, because that’s what I am the best man for you!! Hope to hear from you soon my Mi- amor or should I say ‘Ni-amour,’” before signing off with a series of love heart emojis.

Jeezy Gets Internet Buzzing After ‘Shooting His Shot’ At Nia Long During Heart-To-Heart

Jeezy Gets Internet Buzzing After ‘Shooting His Shot’ At Nia Long During Heart-To-Heart

Unfortunately for Cam’ron, his attempt went unanswered for over a year, as he revealed on an episode of his sports talk show earlier this month.

“You know, I DM’d Nia after the whole shit happened, man,” he said, referring to Udoka’s alleged infidelity. “I was perturbed. I’ma have Stat read it cuz she’s a better reader. I want you to rate the rizz.”

“I wasn’t gonna bring that up; Ma$e brought Nia into this, my boo,” Cam then said after the full message had been read. “Yo, open your DMs when you get a chance, Nia. This joint still sitting there so you can read it personally.”


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