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Cardi B Explains Why She Scrapped Ice Spice ‘Munch’ Remix Verse Leave a comment


Cardi B has revealed that she once recorded a verse for a remix of Ice Spice‘s breakthrough hit, “Munch,” but put it on ice because she didn’t like the way it sounded.

That’s the revelation she made to Complex on Friday (March 15). In between talks of the joys of motherhood and the promises of a new album, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed to Speedy Morman that she didn’t want the remix with her verse to be released because she knew the fanbase would drag her.

“I don’t know about Central Cee, but, I did do like a thing for Ice Spice but I just did not like how I sound,” she said at the 33:45 mark. “No, I love the record, I did not like how I sound.”

Pointing out the difficulties of rapping over a drill beat, she continued: “You know, being on a drill beat is not as easy [as it looks]. They’re gonna drag me, and they’re gonna drag the song bad… I just felt like it was not giving. I was like, ‘I don’t even want to do this to this girl.’ Like, the record’s already great, I don’t want to fuck it up.”

Check out the full interview below:

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While Cardi B ultimately didn’t drop the “Munch” remix, she seemed to be rather excited about the prospect back in 2022, when she posted a video on Instagram containing a preview of her take on the popular drill record.

Her verse was accompanied by seductive footage of the Bronx bombshell modeling a skin-tight black dress inside her mansion and in the passenger seat of car.


Ice Spice caught wind of Cardi B’s “Munch” remix and excitedly shared the video on her Instagram Story along with the caption: “Bardiii.” However, Cardi ruled out jumping on the official remix.

“I’m not putting that song out by the way …You know I don’t tease …,” she tweeted. In response to a fan who asked why, she wrote: “I like it don’t love it ….just having fun.”

In December of that year, too, the Bronx rapper sat down for a special conversation with Erykah Badu and her daughter Puma Curry for Interview Magazine, and mentioned that Nicki Minaj was one of her inspirations alongside Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and Remy Ma.

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Ice Spice Claps Back At Twitter Troll Over ‘Hurtful’ Criticism Of Risqué Oscars Outfit

Curry asked Ice who her dream collaboration would be and she named the leader of the Barbs once again before Badu wondered why Nicki hadn’t hopped on “Munch” given her prowess on the mic. Ice Spice also named Doja Cat as a dream collaboration.

“I have to say Nicki because that’s just like, duh,” Ice Spice said while Badu responded: “I’m surprised Nicki hasn’t jumped on ‘Munch’ yet.”

The 22-year-old replied: “She would eat that shit up, too.”

Though Nicki Minaj never did jump on a “Munch” remix, she did work with Ice Spice on the super-smash single, “Barbie World” and “Princess Diana.”


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