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Cardi B Says Next Album Will Include Songs ‘Not Expected’ From Her Leave a comment


Cardi B has revealed that her forthcoming album is made up of a number of songs that her fans would be surprised to hear from her.

On Wednesday (March 20), the New York City native took to Instagram Threads and answered a series of questions from fans and followers about her long-awaited next project.

When the official Threads account asked her to describe the album in one word, she settled on “Different.”

For more context, she added: “Different. I think it’s different. I think there’s going to be some songs that are like not expected to come from me.”

During the same Q&A session, Cardi also explained her favorite look from the “Enough (Miami)” music video.

About it, she said: “So for the looks from Miami one of my favorite looks is the red look. The tape look because I’ve been wanting to do the tape look for a very long time. And I feel like my body is perfectly snatched right now. But my favorite glam look.

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“Believe it or not. It’s the last scene where I have the T-shirt on. And my eyes are hazel. And the hair is just black and flawless. So pretty. Like I love that look.”

The 31-year-old previously revealed that the aforementioned single was inspired by her haters and opps. The “Bodak Yellow” icon took to Instagram Live earlier this month and said that the song was inspired by those coming after her, and that it originally went by a different name.

“The song was originally called ‘And Her Name is Cardi K,’” she said. “And the reason why I called this song ‘Cardi K’ — I said it in an interview — I was really angry. I felt like … bitches was ganging up on me. I felt like I was very, like, underestimated. Even like my fanbase. I have a fanbase that’s big, but it’s a very underestimated …

“So ‘Cardi K,’ I don’t know if you know how people be like, ‘EBK,’ like ‘Everybody Killa.’ I just felt like everyone was on some ‘Cardi K’ shit, like ‘Y’all on some Cardi Killa shit? Then fuck you hoes! Fuck you bitches!

She concluded: “I got in the studio on some mad shit, but honest with you, I’m not on that space right now. I don’t give a fuck about nobody right now. But that’s her original name. Her original name is ‘Cardi K,’ but her stage name is ‘Enough/Miami.’”


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