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CATL launches new EV battery that will last 1 million miles, 15 yrs Leave a comment


Leading EV battery maker CATL released its new breakthrough battery pack with up to a nearly 1 million mile (1.5 million km), 15-year warranty.

CATL, Yutong launch new long-life EV battery

CATL launched the battery pack with Yutung Bus Co to power commercial vehicles like buses and different classes of trucks.

Yutong, one of China’s largest bus makers, said the new battery packs will be used in upcoming electric vehicles. According to the company, the new long-lasting EV battery has zero degradation through the first 1,000 cycles.

The new EV battery pack, made with CATL, has a 932,000 mile (1.5 million km), 15-year warranty. Yutong calls the long-life battery an industry first.

The bus manufacturer introduced another battery with a 10-year and 621,000 (1 million km) lifespan.

CATL and Yutong first established a ten-year partnership in 2012 to jointly develop commercial vehicle batteries while exploring new tech and materials. The partners plan to leverage their resources to expand overseas with new vehicles and batteries.

Yutong product launch event (Source: Yutong)

Yutong’s buses feature CATL batteries and are already sold in over 40 countries, including Italy, France, the UK, Spain, and Qatar.

Advancing battery tech

The news is the latest in a string of recent battery tech advancements from CATL. In February, CATL, other Chinese automakers, and battery giants formed an “all-star” lineup with rival BYD and other industry leaders like NIO to develop solid-state batteries.

China already dominates the EV battery market, with BYD and CATL accounting for over 50% alone. According to data from SNE Research (via Bloomberg), CATL’s sales in the US and Europe doubled last year.

BYD and CATL batteries are already used in Tesla, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Toyota, and several other leading automakers electric cars.

(Source: CATL)

Last summer, CATL unveiled its new “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery.” The new LFP battery can add 248 miles (400 km) range in 10 minutes.

In January, CATL said it would reduce the cost of LFP battery cells per kWh by a whopping 50% by the middle of this year.

After unveiling its battery strategy last month, NIO announced a partnership with CATL to develop long-life EV batteries. The news comes as NIO’s first 900V electric drive system rolled off the production line last week, with a five-minute fast charge that can add 150 miles (255 km) range.

Source: TheDriven, CnEVPost, Yutong Group

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