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Chance The Rapper Challenges Fans To ‘Revolt’ On New Snippet Leave a comment


Chance The Rapper has shared a new snippet of music as he continues to hype up his next studio album one preview at a time.

On Tuesday (March 19), the Chicago rapper and singer shared a brief audio clip on his Instagram profile with his trademark single-word subtitles against a black background. In the caption, he simply added a notebook emoji.

All of this dope, should have stayed low/ Feds want a pic of my face/ Bigger the case, the bigger the case, the bigger the coat/ Bigger the wave, the bigger the boat/ I ain’t tellin’ no n-ggas go vote, I ain’t tellin’ no n-ggas go broke/ I’m just tellin’ my n-ggas get guns, I’m just tellin’ my n-ggas revolt,” he raps in the teaser.

In the second slide, the 30-year-old posted an image of Denzel Washington portraying heroin trafficker Frank Lucas in American Gangster (2007). The Harlem convict is famously believed to have avoided being on the radar of law enforcement till he wore an expensive chinchilla coat to a Muhammad Ali boxing match, which adds some context to the above bars.

Chance The Rapper’s next phase in music seems to have arrived as he has been actively previewing unreleased material, most likely from his next album.

Last month, he performed the inaugural concert at the Ramova Theatre in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Marketed as “B-sides & Seasides,” the show featured a number of fan favorites as well as never-before-heard tracks.

According to Chicago Sun Times, he explained that the setlist was “full of the ‘B sides’ he never gets to perform, and some ‘C sides’ (or ‘Seasides’) that he has not released and would be bringing in front of an audience for the first time.”

Considering he has been teasing a new record titled Star Line Gallery since 2022, it is possible that at least some of the tracks he played that night will make the cut.

Last year, Chance took to Instagram Live to reveal when he plans on dropping his upcoming project, taking the opportunity to have a little fun at his own expense.

“My album’s coming out next spring!” he said, while noting that there were only “about 500 people” viewing the stream. “Nobody loves it when I’m doin’ good work, for real!”

Though he has been hyping up Star Line Gallery for quite some time now, fans didn’t have a timeline regarding its release until December.

Chance The Rapper Explains Meaning Behind ‘Star Line Gallery’ Album Title

Chance The Rapper Explains Meaning Behind ‘Star Line Gallery’ Album Title

Over the summer, the “Coco Butter Kisses” rapper stirred up anticipation for the LP with full confidence, writing: “It’s merched [Chicago slang for ‘proven’] I got the best next album outta all the n-ggas that have a next album [three weeping emojis].”

In early June, the Chi-town native phoned in to Audacy Check In to provide an update on the follow-up to 2019’s The Big Day.

“It’s one of my proudest projects in terms of writing and artistic vision,” he said. “There’s an immense amount of work to be done with it.

“But it’s cool ’cause I feel like the love and intentionality that goes into making each physical art piece allows me to show people in these museum spaces what I’m working on as I go, the highs and the lows, kind of like a preview to the project…”


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