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Charged EVs | AmpUp wins $1.7-million grant from state of Connecticut for EV charging management pilot Leave a comment


Charging software provider AmpUp has been awarded up to $1.7 million in funding from the state of Connecticut’s Innovative Energy Solutions program for a charging management pilot. The goal of the project is to provide grid operators with a scalable solution to balance energy demand during peak periods by decreasing load at EV charging stations. The project will kick off in 2024.

AmpUp is headquartered in California, and supports thousands of Level 2 and DC fast charging stations across North America. The company has a large footprint in Connecticut—according to DOE data, AmpUp’s network represents over 30% of all networked Level 2 charging stations in the state—and claims a 96.4% charge session success rate.

AmpUp plans to open a new office in East Hartford in early 2024.

“We are eager to accelerate the EV transition in the state by exploring EV charging management capabilities with utilities, station owners and EV drivers,” said Tom Sun, CEO and co-founder of AmpUp. “We are investing heavily in the state of Connecticut and excited to see opportunities like this grow local jobs in addition to helping the state meet their air quality goals.”

“EV charging should be simple, affordable, and accessible,” said Drew D’Alelio, Senior Associate from Connecticut Innovations, the state’s venture capital arm. “With this award, AmpUp’s innovative software and energy management technology will be positioned to shine, simplifying the EV transition and driving meaningful economic and environmental benefits for Connecticut residents.”

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