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Charged EVs | Battery vents for diverse EV applications (Webinar) Leave a comment


EV battery pack designs have evolved and so have solutions to provide pressure equalization and thermal runaway mitigation. To meet the range of market needs, Donaldson has developed a vast portfolio of battery vents.

Join this webinar, where we will walk through Donaldson’s approach of aligning end-user requirements with innovative designs.

Key takeaways:

  • How EV battery pack designs differ by vehicle type and chemistry
  • Special requirements of non-automotive battery packs
  • Why battery pack venting is not a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Strategic positioning of battery vents

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Other sessions at our Spring Virtual Conference include:

Optimizing Assembly When Integrating Mica And Dielectric Tapes Within EV Battery Packs

Effective dielectric protection can maximize an EV battery pack’s energy density, improve vehicle reliability and enhance consumer safety. Common dielectric materials include mica and dielectric films. However, bonding these materials to certain pack surfaces can present challenges. Such challenges can lead to issues with pack assembly and possible compromises in battery design.

In this webinar, experts from Avery Dennison Performance Tapes will discuss solutions that enable engineers to optimize assembly and avoid these compromises when integrating dielectric materials. These solutions include new pressure-sensitive adhesive tape technologies designed to help engineers effectively bond mica and dielectric films to challenging surfaces in EV battery packs.

The session will also help engineers understand how to identify potentially challenging applications and select a suitable bonding solution.

Reserve your spot—it’s free!

See the full session list for the Spring Virtual Conference on EV Engineering here.

Broadcast live on April 15-18, 2024, the conference content will span the EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem, including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wire and cable, EMI/EMC and more.


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