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Charged EVs | dSPACE to present new solutions for data-driven development, simulation and validation of EVs Leave a comment


dSPACE, a provider of automotive simulation and validation solutions, will demonstrate several solutions for electric and self-driving cars at the upcoming CES 2024 trade show.

As the exclusive on-vehicle computer technology sponsor of the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), dSPACE will demonstrate how its solutions work in demanding racing environments in a night race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

dSPACE will also demonstrate testing of battery management systems, power electronics, and technologies for intelligent EV charging.

Battery management systems ensure the efficient use of available capacity, maintain optimal temperatures, and maintain charge levels within the best range to ensure safe operation and long life of energy storage systems. dSPACE will demonstrate a modular system design for the testing of modern BMS.

Power HIL systems from dSPACE allow inverters, including control and power electronics, to be tested at full power. Designed specifically for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, dSPACE’s systems are designed for exceptionally precise testing of power electronics, including testing control behavior with different dynamic operating points of e-motors.

dSPACE’s Smart Charging Solution is a complete system for the development and testing of intelligent charging technologies. It takes international standards into account, and supports interoperability analyses and tests. The solution offers a comprehensive range of test options and dynamic models for developers of onboard chargers, charging stations, and, in future, inductive charging systems, robot charging, and megawatt charging for the truck and aviation sectors.

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