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Mercedes-Benz is developing its own public charging network, and it has chosen SwissAI to provide network planning and site selection services. SwissAI’s AI-based analysis and forecasting SaaS platform, AIOME, is designed to facilitate location selection and charging infrastructure deployment.

By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz Mobility plans to build some 2,000 charging hubs with 10,000 fast chargers “across the planet,” starting in China, North America and Europe. SwissAI’s AIOME platform is playing an essential role in the latter two regions.

Planners can use AIOME to simulate the impacts of different scenarios, to explore location optimization and equipment rollout strategies, and to ensure comprehensive network coverage. SwissAI takes into account evolving charging demand and other relevant factors, such as changing technology and driver behavior.

“Where are the best locations for present and future customer demand? How will the competition and technology evolve? By harnessing artificial intelligence to respond to evolving driver needs and technological advancements, our partners can strategically select economically optimal locations that ensure customer satisfaction and profitability,” said Anna Gawlikowska, CEO of SwissAI.

Source: SwissAI


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