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Charged EVs | OneD and Koch Modular partner to produce silicon-graphite anode materials for EV batteries Leave a comment


OneD Battery Sciences, a nanotechnology startup, and Koch Modular Process Systems, a process engineering design and modular construction company, have announced a strategic partnership to mass-produce silicon-graphite anode materials for EVs.

Koch Modular’s silane gas manufacturing expertise and OneD’s SINANODE technology transform silane into nano-silicon in EV cell-qualified graphite anodes. This partnership will process and add silicon to industrial supplier EV-grade graphite powders in a modular silane plant next to a SINANODE factory to increase silane anode production. 

OneD and Koch Modular are designing an integrated North American plant to generate 20,000 tons of silicon-graphite anode material per year, enough for 1 million EV batteries, according to the companies. The SINANODE platform develops nano-silicon directly in customer-selected EV-grade graphite powder pores. This avoids making an expensive carbon substrate for silicon. OneD says its SINANODE technique improves the performance and value of EV-grade graphite powders without replacing them.

Placing OneD’s silane modular plant next to the SINANODE processing plant and co-locating the two facilities next to EV-grade graphite production and EV cell factories in North America and Europe will reduce risks and costs, Koch said.

“Koch Modular’s silane technology complements OneD’s SINANODE platform,” said Jan-Marc Luchies, Chief Operating Officer at OneD Battery Sciences. “The delivery of silane production modules along with the licensing of the SINANODE manufacturing process enable established industrial partners to scale up the production of cost-effective silicon anode materials at optimum locations for the EV battery supply chains.” 

Source: OneD Battery Sciences


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