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Charged EVs | Range Energy offers a calculator for commercial fleets to calculate the potential savings from its electric trailers Leave a comment


Range Energy’s powered trailers offer a novel solution to the challenges of electrifying long-haul on-road trucks, allowing haulers to enjoy the savings of electrification without the up-front investment required to buy electric tractors.

Range Energy’s smart trailers are designed to easily hook up to any tow vehicle, and increase fuel efficiency (or boost the range of an electric truck) by providing battery-powered propulsion. As a bonus, they also offer off-road mobile power.

According to Range, preliminary third-party testing data and early customer pilots have shown that its electric trailers deliver 300 miles of full-assist range, generate fuel efficiency gains of nearly 40 percent, and can cut NOx emissions by up to 70 percent. But just how much can a particular company save in a real-world scenario?

Range’s new operational expenditure (OpEx) savings calculator is designed to answer that question for commercial fleet owners and operators. The online calculator allows operators to enter their own data points, including diesel prices, baseline fuel efficiency, current electricity costs, and miles driven per year, to estimate the overall maintenance and fuel savings from the implementation of electric-powered trailers within their existing fleets.

“Range’s trailers are a futureproof investment. They’re cost-effective, and deliver emissions improvements today that will only [increase] over time,” said Ali Javidan, CEO and founder, Range Energy. “The OpEx calculator is a valuable resource that puts critical data into the hands of fleet owners and operators to better comprehend the cost and efficiency benefits they can achieve today. Our trailers are built to serve as an accelerant for the electric transition, meeting fleets’ immediate needs and long-term ambitions.”

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