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EV test solutions provider Unico unveiled its new BAT300 Series, designed for use in cell formation and testing, at the International Battery Seminar this week. 

The BAT300 Series, based on the Unico IDAC power platform, is a compact, all-in-one solution (480 VAC to DC) designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing testing efficiency.

Unico’s Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico, explained to Charged that the BAT300 Series fills a crucial market gap with its ability to fill basic cell testing and formation applications. 

The BAT300 Series is Unico’s first product launch on the new Unico IDAC power platform following the acquisition of Present Power Systems (PPS), which expanded the company’s product portfolio of battery cell, module and pack testing solutions.

Unico says its new tech is best suited for cell formation in gigafactories, as well as for aging and functionality testing in R&D laboratories, and end-of-life activities in cell/module manufacturing lines.

“With the recent acquisition of Present Power Systems, we’re already harnessing technologies from our new Advanced Technology Group, and the BAT300 Series represents our first product coming out of the acquisition,” said Steve Bright, CEO of Unico. “The new IDAC power platform empowers Unico to enhance our presence in battery markets and venture into new sectors such as on-board charging, home charging, battery recycling and more.”


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