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VoroMotors is one of the US’s leading electric scooter distributors, and the California-based company is now offering Electrek readers an exclusive $50 off five fantastic models with the promo code ELECTREK. These mighty five deliver speed, performance, and ingenious upgrades – check out the details below.

EMOVE Cruiser

The EMOVE Cruiser is the ultimate commuting e-scooter. The 52V 30Ah battery gives you a generous 62-mile range and a zippy top speed of 33 mph. This long range electric scooter is lightweight at 56 pounds but also robust because it can hold up to 352 pounds. Hit a big puddle? Don’t worry; it has a high water resistance rating of IPX6.

It’s a breeze to fold up the handlebars and has a study folding mechanism stem. Its high-control hydraulic brakes, tubeless pneumatic car-grade tires, and turn signals will get you safely where you want to go. And you’ll get there in style because the EMOVE Cruiser comes in five great colors.

Originally $1,499, the EMOVE Cruiser is on sale for $1,199. Check out the EMOVE Cruiser here.

EMOVE Roadrunner V2

It’s small and powerful, and you’ll get obsessed – meet the EMOVE Roadrunner V2 seated electric scooter. This whizzy machine’s 350W front motor (720W peak) and 500W rear motor (960W peak) give you a top speed of 34 mph and a top range of 53 miles for commutes and off-roading weekend treks. There’s also an option to purchase an additional battery, so after a quick swap, your range is doubled.

You want a responsive thumb throttle with this much power, and the Roadrunner V2 delivers. It also features a more comfortable memory foam seat, adjustable handlebars, suspension, and improved 14-inch tubeless tires for better durability and more stability at higher speeds.

Originally $1,795, the EMOVE Roadrunner V2 is on sale for $1,395. Check out the EMOVE Roadrunner V2 here.

EMOVE Roadrunner Pro

Hold onto your helmets because the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro seated electric scooter isn’t messing around with a top speed of 50 mph. Its maximum range of 50 miles will get you where you want to go, and like the V2, features a swappable battery to double its range. The TFT LCD 3.5-inch scooter display, a VoroMotors invention, is full-color awesomeness. It displays rings around your speed that correspond with the riding mode you’re in and how fast you’re driving.

Premium features of the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro include hydraulic front suspension, rear spring suspension, and 2-piston hydraulic brakes. Its split-rim wheels with tubeless 14-inch pneumatic tires deliver excellent traction and performance, making the Roadrunner Pro ideal for street riding.

Originally $3,095, the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro is on sale for $2,595. Check out the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro here.

Kaabo Wolf King GTR

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR heavyweight scooter (pictured at top, too) is loved by thousands of riders worldwide. This speed demon is not for kids – this is a scooter designed for expert riders. Two 2000W motors propel the Kaabo Wolf King GTR to an insane top speed of 65 mph and a max range of 55 miles.

The GTR’s new 2-in-1 sine wave controller allows the scooter to perform more efficiently, accelerating in a smoother pattern and maintaining speed with less effort. And a serious scooter needs serious tires – the Wolf King GTR has new rims and improved tubeless 12-by-4-inch pneumatic tires that seal themselves if punctured, making them ultra durable and safe. Plus, this 137-pound e-scooter with its 72V 35Ah detachable battery fits easily into a trunk.

Originally $4,195, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR is on sale for $3,995. Check out the Kaabo Wolf King GTR here.

e Ride Pro SS

Feel the need for rugged speed? The e Ride Pro SS 19″ – Long Range Electric Dirt Bike might be the one for you. This latest addition to the VoroMotors product line is built for agility and endurance and has a top speed of 60 mph, thanks to its 72V 12KW motor. Its acceleration will take your breath away at 0-30 mph in 2.36 seconds. Tackle steep inclines and navigate rocky paths with ease with an advanced battery management system and regenerative braking paired with adjustable sport suspension.

If you want to take your electric dirt bike exploring, it achieves a max range of over 50 miles at 25 mph, or you can extend your adventure to over 90 miles at 15 mph, depending on the terrain you’re exploring. Even better, the battery is swappable to continue the fun.

The e Ride Pro SS 19″ – Long Range Electric Dirt Bike is priced at $4,899 and can be on your doorstep earlier compared to any other distributors, as VoroMotors uses a faster and more premium shipping service provider. Check out the e Ride Pro SS here.

The discount code for e Ride Pro SS is only valid until April 15.

Remember, Electrek readers: Take advantage of the $50 off any of these five electric scooter models with the promo code ELECTREK.

*VoroMotors offers a variety of financing options to make electric scooters affordable. Customers receive outstanding service, fast shipping, and post-purchase support.*

About VoroMotors

Singapore-founded VoroMotors’ mission is to empower people’s personal commutes – both last mile and as a primary alternative mode of transport. The Singapore-founded company started its own line of electric scooters known as the EMOVE, and it’s set a new standard for e-scooters by introducing car-grade tubeless tires. VoroMotors has three US brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Kapolei, Hawaii.

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