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DaBaby Shares Video Of Him Being ‘Sexually Assaulted’ By Fan Leave a comment


DaBaby has had surely had his share of bizarre fan interactions over the years, but he recently shared a video showing one that was equal parts strange, invasive and upsetting.

On Sunday (April 7), the North Carolina MC posted a video to Instagram that he captioned: “Just got tried at the gas station.”

It shows a woman coming up to him while he’s in his car. She asks him for a picture, before saying she wants to “fuckin’ fuck you,” sitting in his lap and grabbing his crotch.

A stunned DaBaby reacts after she leaves by saying: “She sexually assaulted me.” Check the video below.

In the end, the rapper seemed more bemused than upset by the run-in, given that he titled the post: “Anything for you auntie.”

Watch the clip below.

It’s not only gas stations that DaBaby has been having issues in recently. Last month, he had a problem at a smoke shop.

In footage from an Instagram Live, the “Suge” rapper stopped by an unidentified smoke shop to confront the owner about paraphernalia that featured his likeness.

“We gotta discuss this, man,” he said in the video. “What this is, bruh? Well, I need my percentage. You gotta give me one for free or something!”

After discovering that one such bit of paraphernalia was retailing for $49.99, he remarked that the owner needed to give him “$4.99,” or 10 percent of each sale, to which the shopkeeper agreed.

DaBaby Lawsuit From Bowling Alley Fight With DaniLeigh's Brother Could Take Costly Turn

DaBaby Lawsuit From Bowling Alley Fight With DaniLeigh’s Brother Could Take Costly Turn

This came hot on the heels of him throwing away his Jordans in protest of his treatment at a Charlotte Hornets game.

Taking to Instagram with an unboxing of the new “Coach Prime” Nike sneakers in February, the North Carolina native gave Sanders his flowers as he noted that while he likes Hornets co-owner Michael Jordan, he never received any free kicks from him.

“Hey OG, I appreciate ya always checking checking on me, chiming in [and] making sure my head in the right space,” DaBaby noted before going into why he was choosing Prime and his sneakers over Jordan and his.

“I’m rocking with Prime, n-gga. I fuck with MJ but he ain’t ever sent me shit,” he said as he took off his Js. “Yo, public service announcement: I rock with MJ, I fuck with MJ, but he ain’t never sent me shit and at the Hornets games when the players will come and I had my courtside seats, y’all ain’t never let me shoot the ball.”

“So I’m fucking with Prime,” he added. “They let me throw the ball when I went out there to Colorado.”


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