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Dame Dash Reportedly Launches New Midwest Record Label Division Leave a comment


Dame Dash is seemingly taking his talents to the Midwest with his new BluRoc Record Label.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (April 2), the former Roc-A-Fella Records mogul re-posted an article that announced he’s in talks to launch a ‘BluRoc Indy’ division of the label in Indiana and will kick things off with popular Indy rapper Kittii Red.

Kittii has already been moving around with Dame for a bit now and pushing her new single “Birthday Song,” with the pair even sitting down for a proper introduction via video interview.

“It seem like women rappers are running the world right now,” Dame tells Kittii in the clip.

The news of the new label comes on the heels of legal woes for Dame Dash that found a judge ordering him to sell his shares of Roc-A-Fella Records after he allegedly refused to pay an $823,000 judgment to movie producer Josh Weber.

Dame was sued for copyright infringement and defamation over the movie Dear Frank in 2019. Although he was originally asked to direct the movie in 2016, he was ultimately removed from the project after he was deemed unfit for the job.

Webber and Muddy Water Pictures claimed he was always high on set while shooting the film on his Sherman Oaks property. They eventually finished the film without him.

They sued Dash three years later, claiming he tried to shop Dear Frank around as his own. They also alleged he sent promotional ephemera to networks such as BET but changed the film’s title to The List. Dame argued they shot the film at his home using all of his equipment, then stole the footage to do the movie without him.

The jury failed to see Dash’s perspective and handed down its decision in 2022. Attorney Chris Brown, who repped the plaintiffs, said, “I will get every penny due to my clients.”

Last month, Dame hinted that he would be willing to sell his Roc-A-Fella Records shares to Cam’ron and Ma$e after the It Is What It Is hosts jokingly putting themselves forward as potential buyers.

Dame Dash Facing New Lawsuit From Photographer Who Claims He Cost Her Nearly $400M

Dame Dash Facing New Lawsuit From Photographer Who Claims He Cost Her Nearly $400M

Speaking on his America Nu Network platform over the weekend, Dash entertained the idea, saying: “In this very moment, they could have it, they might have it — pause.”

“I’m just celebrating the fact I can freely sell it and that I have the option to sell it to Cam and Ma$e,” he added.

“I’m not saying that I haven’t. I like to pass the torch. I like what they’ve done. They didn’t fold. They from Harlem, we all came up together and it would be fun to see them running Roc-A-Fella.”


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