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DDG Brings Halle Bailey To Tears As He Creates Personal Awards Show Leave a comment


DDG brought his partner Halle Bailey to tears after he created a personal awards show to honor her work.

The clip, which DDG livestreamed on Sunday (March 17), featured the YouTuber and rapper honoring his partner with awards like “Best Catsitter” and “Best Woman.”

He then brought their son Halo out to give the Little Mermaid star the last award of the show.

The Michigan-born internet personality employed his best baby voice and told his partner: “I wanna give this award for the best one ever … This award goes to the one and only Halle Bailey! For the best mother award!”

After Halle Bailey received three nominations at the NAACP Awards without winning any, DDG decided to give his partner her own show — sure enough, she swept every category.

He also livestreamed the pre-event moves, driving into Hollywood to snag the trophies while explaining the reasoning behind his.

DDG's Parenting Skills Questioned After He Holds Baby Halo In 'Scary' Way

DDG’s Parenting Skills Questioned After He Holds Baby Halo In ‘Scary’ Way

“Me and Halle went to the NAACP Awards,” he explained. “She got nominated for three awards. She also got nominated for a Grammy earlier in the year. But I was kinda mad that she didn’t win. I feel like she should have won at least one of the awards.”

He added: “I was very very upset that she didn’t win knowing how much of an impact she made on the Black community last year and it’s a Black award show. She was kinda down and out about it.”

DDG has been very protective of his partner ever since they got together. Earlier this month, conservative podcaster Elijah Schaffer hopped on Twitter to share a photo of the Halle Bailey and compared her to E.T., prompting the rapper to clap back.

“When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?” the internet personality said, following it up with a photo of the fictional character and adding: “The new Lil Mermaid actress.”

In a since-deleted response, DDG shared a photo of Schaffer and his late mother with the caption: “I’m smokin on yo dead ass mama [laughing emojis] that dumb bitch should’ve got a better doctor LMFAO @ElijahSchaffer.”

In a follow-up that has also since been deleted, he shared a photo of a photoshopped blunt with Schaffer’s mother in it and wrote: “Ngl this shit gas.”


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