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Diddy’s Son’s Lawyer Slams Feds For Using The Press During Raids Leave a comment


Diddy‘s son Justin Combs has seen his lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, aim at the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly “using the press” during their raids of the embattled Bad Boy mogul’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles.

On the latest episode of the Beyond the Legal Limit podcast, Lichtman — once an attorney for El Chapo and mob scion John Gotti Jr. — claimed that the feds abused their authority when they raided the mansions by having members of the media at the ready as they executed the warrants.

“They were all there, ready to record it,” he claimed. “They were all there, told about it and breathlessly reporting what anonymous agents of law enforcement are telling them about what they’re looking for, evidence of sex trafficking.”

He continued: “That’s bad because that’s just an evil thing for our government or law enforcement to do. By using the press to leak what they’re looking for, they’re just dirtying a potentially future jury pool.”

Lichtman did not address the recent sexual lawsuit brought against Justin’s brother, Christian “King” Combs, which has also been filed in the wake of the raids.

The suit, which was filed on Thursday (April 4) in Los Angeles Superior Court, also lists the Bad Boy mogul as a defendant, according to court documents obtained by NBC News.

Grace O’Marcaigh, the plaintiff in the case, alleges that the Hip Hop scion raped her in 2022, just a few days before Diddy threw his annual New Year’s Eve yacht party. What’s more, O’Marcaigh alleges that the the yacht party in question was advertised as a “wholesome family event,” but that it turned into a “hedonistic environment” before she knew it.

“Like father, like son,” said attorney Tyrone Blackburn, who is representing both O’Marcaigh and producer Lil Rod, who filed a similar suit against Diddy in February, in a statement after the filing was made public. “It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs who has clearly adopted his father’s pattern and practice of depravity.”

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Aaron Dyer, attorney for both King Combs and Diddy, responded to the lawsuit with a statement that focused largely on Blackburn: This is just another lewd and meritless claim from Tyrone Blackburn — just like what he filed in the Rodney Jones lawsuit, which he still has not served. This complaint is filled with the same kind of manufactured lies and irrelevant facts we’ve come to expect from Blackburn.

“This is exactly why the federal judge in New York slapped him two days ago for a ‘pattern of behavior’ in ‘improperly [filing] cases in federal court to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly,’ and why he was referred to the disciplinary committee in the Southern District of New York.”

He concluded: “We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim.”


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