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DJ Vlad Claims He Was Bitten By Boosie Badazz’s Dog Leave a comment


DJ Vlad was allegedly bit by Boosie Badazz‘s dog before their most recent interview, but he doesn’t seem to be too upset about it.

Taking to Twitter on Friday (March 1), the media personality said the incident happened the day prior and even shared a photo of Boosie and the alleged culprit – a Cane Corso the rapper got early last year.

While talking to fans in the replies, he made it clear he has no plans to sue his longtime collaborator. He also jokingly agreed with a follower who hypothesized that the reason for the attack was: “The dog is tired of seeing Boosie interviews every 4 weeks.”

You can view some of his responses below.

Boosie Badazz is a frequent guest on DJ Vlad’s platform — a few months back, he even claimed that he he’s made roughly $500,000 a year from his various appearances.

The Baton Rouge rapper was answering a question on The Breakfast Clubabout whether he would ever do a podcast with his frequent rhyme partner Webbie. In response, he said that he’d only do it for millions of dollars.

Slim Thug Goes Off On DJ Vlad: 'We Letting A German Get All This Money Off Us?'

Slim Thug Goes Off On DJ Vlad: ‘We Letting A German Get All This Money Off Us?’

“Ain’t that kind of money in it,” co-host Charlamagne Tha God said, implying that being paid that much for a podcast was an unrealistic goal.

Boosie replied by talking about his VladTV appearances and said: “Well I don’t want [a podcast with Webbie]. I could make half a million with Vlad every year, man. I don’t really need [podcast money]. Vlad help me out a lot more.”

Charlamagne then double-checked to make sure he had the figure right, to which Boosie replied: “Close to it.”

After the revelation, Vlad launched a GoFundMe for future interviews on his platform.

“Now that Boosie told The Breakfast Club that we pay him $500,000 a year to be on VladTV, all of our other regular guests want the same amount too so we can’t afford to keep our lights on,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We had no choice but to start a GoFundMe to avoid going out of business. Even $1 would help during a time like this. Please help.”


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