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Doroni unveils production-intent H1-X eVTOL for personal air travel Leave a comment


Young urban air mobility (UAM) developer Doroni Aerospace is stepping out of the shadows and into the eVTOL startup with the official reveal of its flagship aircraft – the H1-X. The two-seat eVTOL was showcased during a livestream event today and is damn close to being market-ready, touting some impressive specs.

Doroni Aerospace was founded in 2016 by Doron Merdinger – a lifelong entrepreneur with 25 years of design, manufacturing, and firm management expertise.

To bring his dreams of sustainable aviation transportation to life, Merdinger assembled a team of engineers and technicians working together to democratize flight in a growing eVTOL segment.

The result of those efforts is the HX-1, Doroni’s flagship “flying car,” better known as an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle. After years of development behind the scenes, which we at Electrek have kept close tabs on, Doroni has finally revealed the H1-X to the public, which looks pretty cool. Have a look for yourself.

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Doroni hard launches with production-intent eVTOL

The eVTOL startup shared many details of the H1-X earlier today during a livestream event you can view below. While Doroni’s flagship aircraft is an eVTOL through and through, its design and use vary from several of its competitors in development.

For instance, Doroni designed the H1-X as a two-seat personal aircraft rather than the larger cabins designed for air taxi services many other companies are working on. The H1-X also features a unique tandem wing configuration, with propellers built in (less risk of decapitation!)

The company says this design feature enhances the eVTOL’s lift and efficiency compared to traditional designs, and its wing fences can better manage airflow. The ducted fans are also quieter, even when the eVTOL’s eight electric motors are revving. Doroni’s CEO spoke during the eVTOL launch event:

The H1-X is not just a vehicle; it’s a leap toward a future where freedom of movement and sustainability coexist. Our dedication to innovation, safety, and the environment is embodied in every aspect of the H1-X, marking a new chapter in transportation.

Doroni shared that the H1-X weighs 1,850 pounds, can haul a payload capacity of 500 pounds, and can fly for 40 minutes on a single charge. What’s most interesting is that the incoming eVTOL can reach a top speed of 120 mph! Hopefully, Doroni will aid in training and certifying its future owners because that’s a lot of speed for the average person.

Representatives for Doroni Aerospace told Electrek that the first several examples of the H1-X eVTOLs are currently being built and will be used for extensive test flights at the end of the year. That being said, we were told the aircraft you see below is the go-to-market product, although there may be some minor tweaks before scaled production.

The H1-X has already received FAA certification for flightworthiness in the US and is expected to enter mass production in 2026. Each eVTOL is expected to cost between $300,000 and $400,000. You can learn more from the replay of the entire reveal event below:

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