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Dr. Dre Pokes Fun At Stevie Wonder’s Blindness After Encounter Leave a comment


Dr. Dre has joked about Stevie Wonder being blind after meeting the music legend.

Making a rare post on Instagram, Dre posted a picture of the two of them together in what looks like a restaurant or hotel.

He captioned the post: “Just bumped into my hero and every musician’s favorite, Stevie Wonder… Stevie said ‘It’s good seeing you.’”

The joke went over well on social media, with Flavor Flav commenting: “[crying face emojis] he always say the same to me, that’s my guy.”

2 Chainz also wrote: “Haha man hell naw Killa.”

Dre’s longtime collaborator Marsha Ambrosius also recently joked about Wonder not really being blind.

Appearing on Tank and J. Valentine’s R&B Money podcast, the singer said: “Stevie Wonder, the stories he can tell with his tone, before lyrics even come into it and claims he can’t see. We know that you can see, it’s fine.”

Dr. Dre previously revealed that he turned down the chance to work with the “Superstition” legend despite the fact he idolizes the musician.

Speaking to Kevin Hart for his Hart to Heart podcast, Dre said their paths crossed when he needed a sample cleared by Wonder.

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“So I’m workin’ on an album with Marsha Ambrosius. She’s amazing,” he said. “We did a song using Stevie Wonder’s music, and he had to clear it. And he called me up, ‘Yo, Dre’ — for some reason, Stevie Wonder calls you like super early in the morning, like six, seven in the morning or something. Like, just ’cause you can’t see the time.”

He continued: “True story. [He was like], ‘I don’t like the lyrics. I don’t like the lyrics, Dre.’ Okay, we went in and changed the lyrics. What the fuck is the difference? Like 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. for Stevie? So this shit happened.”

Dre added he had another phone call with Wonder after they made the changes and the prospect of them working together came up.

“He called me back like, ‘Okay, Dre. Now I like the lyrics. Why don’t we work together and just write a song together?’” he remembered. “[I was like], ‘Yeah. Alright. Alright, Stevie,’ and yeah… I didn’t show up.

“What the fuck am I gonna do in the studio with Stevie Wonder? Huh? Touch the drums? No. Touch the keyboard? No. What the fuck? Nah. I went that way.”


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