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Drake Divides Fans With 4Batz ‘Act II: Date @ 8’ Remix Leave a comment


Drake has added more fuel to 4Batz‘s fire by joining him on the remix of “act ii: date @ 8” — but fans have mixed feelings.

The Dallas-bred singer released a new version of his viral hit on Friday (March 8), with Drizzy delivering a slow-crawling, half-sung guest verse over the chopped-and-screwed part of the song.

On the track, which was released through OVO Sound and 4Batz’s own label, Drake references the game show Jeopardy! and compares himself to Dave Chappelle while rapping about an intoxicating fling.

“I really gotta calm down/ ‘Fore I end up in jeopardy just like the game show/ Broski my twin, that’s my bestie/ He love me, said I got the blessin’/ I swear he’s gassin’ me up/ There’s no way in hell I see you passing me up,” he raps.

He later says: “A thousand on your fuckin’ hair/ Two hunnid on your fuckin’ nails, for real/ This shit feel like a fairy tale/ I’ll make them open up Chanel/ I’m a stand-up guy like Dave Chappelle/ I was cursed, you ’bout to break the spell, for real.”

Listen to it below.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Drake Divides Fans As He Joins Viral Star 4Batz On 'Act II: Date @ 8' Remix

Despite the anticipation surrounding the collaboration, many fans were less than impressed with the end result.

After promoting the remix on Instagram, 4Batz’s post was flooded with comments expressing disappointment at Drake’s contribution.

“This is the first time I can say Drake ruined a track,” one underwhelmed listener boldly declared, while someone else wrote: “Truthfully drake wasn’t meant for this song.”

Others said they wanted to hear SZA or Brent Faiyaz on the remix instead.

Viral Star 4Batz Connects With Kanye West Following Drake & SZA Co-Signs

Viral Star 4Batz Connects With Kanye West Following Drake & SZA Co-Signs

“Should’ve been SZA, Drake ruined the vibe,” one person commented, with another adding: “We needed Brent.”

Drake first teased a remix of “act ii: date @ 8” on his Instagram Stories earlier this week, sharing a screenshot of an audio file called “Date @ 8 REMIX S5V6b.”

He and 4Batz recently linked up in person at one of Drizzy’s performances on his It’s All a Blur — Big as the What Tour?, where they were seen dapping each other up and sharing a conversation during the show.

The rapidly rising star also counts Kanye West as a fan, with the Chicago rap icon calling him his favorite new artist in an interview last month.


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