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Drake Shares Interesting Proof Of How Hard He Works On Stage Leave a comment


Drake‘s prolific output and busy touring schedule are the products of all the effort he puts into his craft, and he has now presented the public with a new measurement of his hard work.

On Thursday (March 21), Drizzy took to social media to give his fans and followers a glimpse of how much sweat his torso accumulates over the course of one performance.

In a brief clip uploaded to his Instagram Stories, the Canadian superstar took off his t-shirt following a show on his current tour and proceeded to rinse all the moisture from it as he grinned from cheek to cheek.

Check it out below:

The 6 God has been at the centre of drama in the Hip Hop circuit since the release of Future and Metro Boomin‘s new album, We Don’t Trust You.

The new record includes a song called “Like That” with a surprise feature from Kendrick Lamar, on which the former TDE rapper takes a number of shots at the 37-year-old as well as J. Cole, both of whom are currently on the road as part of the It’s All a Blur — Big As the What? Tour.

The verse in question kicks off with a mention of the pair’s blockbuster single “First Person Shooter” with accusations of “sneak dissin’” as he raps: “Yeah, get up with me/ Fuck sneak dissin’, first person shooter/ I hope they came with three switches.

K.Dot then directly addresses “the big three” (a term commonly used in reference to him, Drizzy and Cole being modern Hip Hop’s primary stakeholders), claiming he’s the only one atop the rap chain right now.

Future & Metro Boomin No Longer Friends With Drake — That’s What Fans Think

Future & Metro Boomin No Longer Friends With Drake — That’s What Fans Think

The Dreamville boss previously mentioned Kendrick’s name and “the big three” on “First Person Shooter” in October, but took the crown by comparing himself to the late, great Muhammad Ali with the bars: “Love when they argue the hardest MC/ Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me?/ We the big three like we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammad Ali.

The “King Kunta” MC in turn compares himself to Prince and the others to Michael Jackson, suggesting his work will outlive that of his contemporaries.

Think I won’t drop the location? I still got PTSD/ Muthafuck the big three, n-gga, it’s just big me/ N-gga, bum, what? I’m really like that/ And your best work is a light pack/ N-gga, Prince outlived Mike Jack’,” he spits.

The Compton native closes out the verse by referencing the Drake’s 2023 album For All the Dogs and Stephen King’s 1983 novel Pet Sematary with: “N-gga, bum, ‘fore all your dogs gettin’ buried/ That’s a K with all these nines, he gon’ see Pet Sematary.


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