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Fivio Foreign & Lil Mabu Stun With Bait & Switch Use Of N-Word Leave a comment


Fivio Foreign and rising rapper Lil Mabu’s latest single has been making the rounds and has received a mixed reaction from fans.

The duo, who joined forces for  “Teach Me How To Drill,” recently released a visual treatment for the track. In the song, the rappers pull a bait-and-switch during the use of the n-word.

Teach me how to drill/ Let me flock, grab the wheel/ I see the opps, n-gga, chill/ Don’t let ’em know we on his heels/ Fuck, did I fuck it up?/ Nah, you good, Mabu, just keep it hush/ Let me pop this Perc’ so I can focus up/ Bring a demon outside with me at night/ They gon’ know who did it when the face white/ Yo, Fivi’, pass me the trigger/ White boy, but you my n-gga,” the pair rap on the first verse, with Fivio stepping in during the use of “n-gga.”

“There’s been so many non having bars lame ass rappers for the last 10 to 12 years with the exception of a few… so when this generation hear some Mediocre bs they think it’s hot ….. in every generation of rap there’s always been a corny ass white rapper that the black people around him hypes up or co sign their bs….. as far as the n word only ninjas will say it’s ok for other races to say it….. us black people will never co sign that shit!!! I don’t care if it’s a white dude who grew up in the hood,” wrote one user.

Watch the music video below:

“People on here talking about we’re reaching, this white man literally used a black man to say the slur he wanted to use… this generation is sick,” a second user wrote criticizing the rapper (real name Matthew Peter DeLuca), who hails from a tony section of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, others came to the teen’s defense and cited his “genius.”

“The kids a genius and still in Highschool, gotta respect it,” a third comment reads. “He’s a genius the whole world wanna listen jus to see if homie said the N word [fire emoji],” another wrote.

“I will never understand how yall be mad cause a white person say nigga and we say it all the time unless they saying it in a offensive way with the er on the end IT DONT REALLY BOTHER ME [shrug emoji],” said a different commenter.

Fivio Foreign Explains 2nd 'Faith' Deluxe Album - As The Label Adds 'Dior' To Tracklist For Stream Hack

Fivio Foreign Explains 2nd ‘Faith’ Deluxe Album – As The Label Adds ‘Dior’ To Tracklist For Stream Hack

In October, Lil Mabu linked up with reality star-turned-rapper Chrisean Rock for “Mr. Take Your Bitch.” The track garnered an impressive 34 million streams on YouTube.

Meanwhile, it’s been nearly two years since Fivio released his debut studio album, B.I.B.L.E. (2022).

Still, the New York native (real name Maxie Lee Ryles III) has carved out time to conjure up a series of singles this year including “Why Would I?” “Drillin,” “For The Moment,” and the GloRilla-backed “Cha Cha Cha.”


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