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Florida beach town becomes first to launch all electric bus fleet Leave a comment


The city of Hallandale Beach, Florida is in the news this week after becoming the only municipality in the state with a fully electric transit bus fleet.

“Progress continues to be at the forefront of this City, as Hallandale Beach proudly announces the acquisition of nine (9) cutting-edge electric buses, the largest electric bus fleet owned by any municipality in Florida,” reads Hallandale Beach’s official press release. “The all-electric fleet isn’t just about upgrading transit; it’s about shaping a safe, reliable, and environmentally conscious community.”

Those electric buses mean Hallandale Beach residents will be able to enjoy cleaner air, a reduced carbon footprint, and a transit system that’s more reliable than ever before, thanks to the city embracing clean, electric power for its public transit system. The Florida city says that it’s “paving the way for a healthier environment and progressive future,” which is a welcome change from the state’s typical, “let’s make The Handmaid’s Tale real!” brand of politics.

Hallandale Beach cleans up public transit

City officials cut the ribbon on electric bus fleet; Hallandale Beach CRA, via Mass Transit.

The total bill for the new bus fleet comes in at $5,906,828, paid for by a State of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) totaling $3,406,828 million along with a contribution of $2.5 million from the city, with $1,937,128 of that money (give or take) going towards the purchase of the Cloud electric buses and the installation of the necessary EV charging infrastructure.

That’s big money for a smallish city like Hallandale Beach, but it’s an investment the local government seems happy enough to make.

“The City of Hallandale Beach is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2055 and the Cloud bus fleet is just one of many initiatives we’re implementing to achieve this,” explains Dr. Jeremy Earle, city of Hallandale Beach manager. “By embracing clean, electric power, we’re paving the way for a healthier environment and higher quality of life standards that our residents and visitors can be proud of.”

The city’s Cloud electric bus service features expanded, free bus routes to replace the outgoing “Hallandale Minibus Routes,” including two additional stops at a local Walmart and Aventura Mall to better serve the needs of the community.

Electrek’s Take

Florida is a weird place, but as more of the state’s municipalities embrace the financial benefits that come from the lower cost of ownership of an electrified fleet, the environmental and public health benefits will also become evident, driving even more electrification in what has become a highly visible conservative state.

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