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The all-electric Ford Explorer is finally launching in Europe. With up to 374 miles range and a starting price under £40,000 ($50,000), Ford hopes the new and improved Explorer EV can help boost sales in the region.

German engineering meets American style

Ford revealed the fully electric Explorer just over a year ago. It’s the first EV built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, the same one underpinning the VW ID.4.

The Explorer EV “combines German engineering with striking American style.” Ford said the electric Explorer is the first of a wave of new EVs as it reinvents the brand in Europe.

Ford’s mid-size, all-electric SUV is built for family adventures with roughly 470 L of storage and seating for five passengers to fit comfortably. The Explorer EV includes a massive 15″ movable touchscreen with fully connected infotainment, including Android Auto and AppleCarplay compatibility and advanced ADAS.

With fast charging from 10% to 80% in about 25 minutes, Ford Explorer EV drivers can get back on the road quickly.

Ford initially said two versions (the Explorer and Explorer Premium) would launch by the end of 2023, with expected prices starting under €45,000 ($50,000).

Ford electric Explorer (Source: Ford)

Despite this, Ford delayed the launch mainly because the battery did not comply with new regulations. Ford re-engineered the EV with a new NMC battery pack to comply.

Ford Explorer EV improved with more range

The wait may be worth it. Martin Sander, Head of Ford Europe’s Model e EV unit, told Autocar the delay has led to increased refinement and a more competitive model.

Ford’s Explorer EV is “a better vehicle now than we would have launched half a year ago,” according to Sander. The team used the extra time to “get everything nailed down, to make sure that we’re delivering a perfect vehicle to our customers.”

Ford electric Explorer SUV (Source: Ford)

The new battery delivers up to 374 miles (600 km) range, topping the 311 miles Ford initially expected.

Ford’s single-motor Extended Range Explorer starts at £45,875 ($58,000) with a 77 kWh battery. The dual-motor version is equipped with VW’s 335 hp powertrain used for its sporty GTX EVs. That is fitted with a 79 kWh battery.

A more affordable standard model with a 52 kWh battery will launch later, with prices starting at around £39,875 ($50,000).

Ford electric Explorer interior (Source: Ford)

Sander added, “The engineers really did a great job to create a distinct Ford vehicle, not just put another electric vehicle out.” The Explorer EV is the first of at least two MEB-based vehicles. According to Sander, the second will be a “more sporty, slightly larger” SUV.

Although Ford announced plans to sell over 600,000 MEB-based EVs in Europe over six years, Sander said the automaker had adjusted its goals in Europe, as it did in the US.

Ford also announced a new partnership with Allego, an ultra-fast EV charging network, to deploy 400 kW chargers across dealerships in Europe for electric Explorer drivers.

Now, Ford needs to launch an electric Explorer in the US. Instead, Ford is delaying plans for a larger three-row electric SUV in the US as it shifts its focus to smaller, more affordable EVs.

Would you pay $50,000 for Ford’s fully electric Explorer in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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