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Fredo Bang Reacts After Friend’s Gravesite Is Vandalized Leave a comment


Fredo Bang has asked those who anonymously violated the final resting place of one of his close friends to own up to their actions.

On Sunday (February 26) a video surfaced in which a woman can be heard describing the damage done to the grave of Garrett J. Burton.

“Okay, I’m at my son grave. Somebody came and vandalized the grave, as y’all see,” the woman starts out. “Y’all don’t got nothin’ better to do with y’all lives than to come out here and [inaudible] with somebody grave. It’s going back up, y’all keep tryin’ him and it keep going back up again. Look what they did y’all.”

Moments later, Fredo Bang took to his Instagram Stories with a photo of the damaged name plate from Burton’s crypt, with a menacing request: “I want one of you tuff a** n**gas to claim this.”

Burton, who rapped under the alias Gee Money, was killed in Baton Rouge in September 2017.

He and NBA YoungBoy were close friends and YB even once performed with his label, Top Boy Gorilla ( TBG), however the two fell out when YoungBoy struck out on his own to launch his Never Broke Again imprint.

Fredo Bang On YNW Melly’s Legal Situation: ‘He’s Ready To Get It Over With’

Fredo Bang On YNW Melly’s Legal Situation: ‘He’s Ready To Get It Over With’

Things escalated when Gee Money (real name Garrett Burton) released a song that contained “disparaging lyrics” about YoungBoy’s sister. Authorities in East Baton Rouge claim that the rift escalated from a rap feud to a years-long all out gang war, sparked by Gee’s murder.

NBA YoungBoy‘s former affiliate OTS Lil Pap was eventually indicted under second-degree murder charges and was facing a mandatory life sentence if found guilty.

However just ahead of the trial, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of accessory after the fact of murder under a new indictment that listed that he was simply in the car with a group of people that included Gee Money’s killer. Authorities allege Lil Pap also assisted the shooter afterwards.

OTS Lil Pap was sentenced to five years in prison, which he will serve concurrently with a three-year sentence he received last year after being convicted on a federal weapons charge.


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