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Fredro Starr Calls Out Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre For Ruining $1M Deal Leave a comment


Fredro Starr has claimed that he should have sued Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre for costing him a $1 million deal.

Speaking to The Art of Dialogue, the Onyx rapper detailed the wild circumstances that allegedly led to him losing out on a seven-figure payday.

Onyx were part of Dre’s 1993 Chronic Tour alongside the likes of Snoop, Run-DMC and the late Bo$$ which was canceled after just a handful of dates after a driver was kidnapped allegedly by members of Tha Doggfather’s entourage.

Starr explained that he was already annoyed at having to turn down a role in the Michelle Pfeiffer movie Dangerous Minds to be on the tour, and his frustration only grew when the trek was nixed.

“Tour was over. Canceled. We had a whole tour. We were supposed to make mad money, n-gga,” he said. “I stopped doing Dangerous Minds, all that shit. Dangerous Minds blew up. If the tour went well I wouldn’t be upset about that shit, but the tour didn’t go well.”

The rap veteran then revealed that Onyx lost out on a lucrative merch deal after the tour was canceled and, worse yet, were sued by their partners.

“We had mad merch. We had just signed a merch deal for $1 million. We couldn’t sell the merch. So guess what? The merch n-ggas want their money. We got sued by the merch company,” he said.

“See, what we should have did was sue Dr. Dre and Snoop and them n-ggas because they was liable for the tour to get canceled. Somebody had to pay and it was us.”

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The brief Chronic Tour of 1993 was a turbulent one as Suge Knight previously claimed that he helped Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg acquire firearms while on the road.

“So what ended up happening in that situation, a guy called me and said, ‘Hey, Dre want this type of gun. Snoop want this type of gun. Y’all getting ready to go on The Chronic Tour?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ [He said], ‘What kind you want?’ [I said], ‘I don’t need one,’” the former Death Row boss recalled on his Collect Call podcast.

Fredro Starr Says 2Pac Warned Him Not To Accept Suge Knight's Death Row Offer

Fredro Starr Says 2Pac Warned Him Not To Accept Suge Knight’s Death Row Offer

“I’m finna drop my muthafuckin’ call to get music put in, we getting ready to roll. [He said], ‘Well, who going to send me the money?’ [I said], ‘I’m Dre’s manager. Dre’s business manager is the one going to send the money for a gun he wants.’

“I gave him the business manager number. The guy calls the business manager. The business manager wires the money for Dre’s guns to a guy who will give him the guns. A year or two later, on my birthday, they arrested me. The feds.”

A year later, Suge was charged with criminal conspiracy, making a false statement to acquire a firearm, illegal interstate transfer of a firearm and aiding and abetting.


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