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Funny Marco Looks Back On ‘Dangerous’ DaBaby Interview Leave a comment


Funny Marco debuted his popular Open Thoughts show on YouTube in August with DaBaby as his guest – a moment he now jokingly deems as “dangerous.”

The comedian sat down for an interview on Complex‘s 360 With Speedy published on Thursday (December 28), where he was asked to reflect on his show’s first-ever guest.

Marco infamously asked the North Carolina native why he rapped the same on all of his songs, which is something he now notes he would definitely not have done.

“It was dangerous,” he said with a laugh. “When I asked DaBaby why he rapped the same, I was trying to ask for the people. That was something I shouldn’t have did but I did it. But it was great. We ended up making a great episode, got a great relationship. But sometimes I’m like, don’t ask what the people want to know – just ask what you need to know. So that was something that I learned from that.”

DaBaby wasn’t the only guest that caused some awkward moments on Open Thoughts.

In mid-October, Funny Marco hosted G Herbo and Southside on the show and later revealed that things were a lot more contentious than the final product showed, alleging that he was called a “bitch” multiple times and that the pair broke his $30,000 watch.

At one point G Herbo even threw his cup at Funny Marco, but claimed he meant no harm or disrespect. “@funnymarco REALLY MY FRATERNAL TWIN NOBODY KNOW,” Herbo wrote.

Southside hopped on social media to clear the air about being painted as the bad guy in the exchange. He went on to claim that the watch in question was fake, but noted he was willing to replace it with a real one and a chain.

Blueface Walks Out Of Funny Marco Interview After Comedian Fails To Name 3 Of His Songs

Blueface Walks Out Of Funny Marco Interview After Comedian Fails To Name 3 Of His Songs

“If you a bitch-ass n-gga just stay the fuck from around me. I got enough bitches,” he said. “I don’t need more bitches around me… Just leave me the fuck alone. I don’t gotta be nobody’s friend. I’m rich, young, successful, I’m not a rapper. I’m a producer, I don’t have to do fucking interviews.

He has since decided to take the humorous approach to the ordeal as he addressed it in a new stand-up show he did earlier this month. During the set, he revealed that the rappers’ teams were initially encouraging him to put out the controversial interview.

“Okay, Mr. Herbo. The shit go viral. Y’all seen it,” he said, then added that the virality made Herbo change his tune. “Team then calls. ‘Take this shit down! Take this shit down!’”

Marco claims that he refused to acquiesce to their demands as the interview is still available online.


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