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Gillie Da Kid Taunted About Son’s Passing By Charleston White Leave a comment


Gillie Da Kid and Charleston White have been going back and forth for years, but the controversial internet personality just took things to another level by taunting his adversary about the untimely passing of his son.

The 40-year-old’s son YNG Cheese was shot and killed in their hometown of Philadelphia last summer. On Monday (March 25), White took advantage of said loss in a series of social-media posts after Gillie apparently called him a “snitch.”

“You got a dead son and you talking about snitching, n-gga!” he said in a video uploaded to Instagram. “Pow, that n-gga shot your son in the head. I remember how you and Wallo were crying. ‘Oh my son! my son got killed!’ Now you talking about snitching. You god damn right I’m a law-abiding citizen. That’s why your son unalive.”

“This is going to get extremely disrespectful! I’ve been waiting for a good celebrity beef!!! I ain’t never liked this goof ball a** weenie,” he captioned a second video in which he called his own son.

When the brief conversation ended, he taunted the media personality for not being able to do the same because “his son dead with maggots coming out his ass.” He then told Gillie’s son to “rest in piss” while making urination noises.

Soon after, he shared a photo of the departed and wrote: “I would have snitched on his k*llers @gilliedaking [laughing emoji] #deadandgone.”

In a final post, he wrote: “That street s*** got your son un~alived! I would have snitched and ratted on your son’s k*ller’s!”

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, Cheese’s murder took place on the night of July 20, 2023 in Philadelphia’s Olney neighborhood.

Reports revealed that he was shot once in the back and taken to the hospital by police, where he was pronounced dead. Two other men, 28 and 31 years of age, were also shot and taken to the hospital, with both eventually being placed in a stable condition.

Charleston White Calls FBI On Boosie Badazz: 'You Finna Go To Jail'

Charleston White Calls FBI On Boosie Badazz: ‘You Finna Go To Jail’

Gillie Da Kid’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host Wallo took to Instagram following the tragedy to pay tribute to YNG Cheese.

“Lil Cuz usually when I talk to you, I got a lot to tell you,” he wrote next to a photo of the late rapper. “Tonight the pain in my heart & tears spoke to you. I love you beyond life Cheese. I got your father, Rest Well!”

Breaking his silence on the matter over a week later, Gillie Da Kid wrote: “I Miss u like $hit Dev My heart will forever have a Black hole in it but u know ur father gotta be strong to hold the family up,” he wrote. “Thanks 4 all the support from family, friends, and all of my followers y’all really helping me get thru these ruff times Me and my family appreciate and love y’all [blue heart emoji].”

He conclude: “Rest Well dev and watch over us u know I got chase [crying emoji] love u Cheese [five crying emojis].”

Killer Mike, Pusha T, YG, Ja Rule and Lloyd Banks were among the many Hip Hop figures who paid their respects to YNG Cheese in the comment section of Gillie’s post.


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