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GloRilla & JT Trade Shots Following Mention On New Mixtape Leave a comment


GloRilla and JT have addressed their relationship in a fiery exchange on social media.

On Friday (April 5), the City Girls rapper hit X/Twitter to seemingly address persistent rumors suggesting that she and Glo were involved in a physical altercation last year.

“I been said she didn’t! She the one went radio silent! Played into, released a song about slapping rap bitches now it’s female unity?? CORNY!!!!!,” she wrote.

JT went on to address a fan’s accusation of indirectly targeting Glo, writing, “Absolutely not! I don’t have personal issues with these individuals, and my first intention is always to wish them well!”

When a fan asked about the origin of the rumor and why GloRilla hadn’t dispelled the false claims, JT responded, “I guess she was waiting on her tape to address & who gone clear up going viral for slapping someone when the whole hood believed it! It was on brand! [sleeping face emoji].”

Soon after, GloRilla entered the chat, and in a since-deleted tweet clapped back at JT, with a beauty tip. “Ho shut yo dumb ass up & fix dem uglass wigs I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity,” she wrote.

It was a slight JT didn’t take lying down, responding, “Ugly wigs? Bitch is you dumb hoe? you’ll NEVER in your life be this raw hoe I been had fake tittys off care credit, I been that bitch you just getting training wheels!”

“I honestly thought glo was a real bitch man but she not she caused all that shit with FNF remix too! Came in the game messy & phony ready to switch on your homies too had to jump back on the roof!,” she continued in a separate thread.

JT took it as far as hinting that the beef might turn physical in the future, publishing a list of her mugshots with an empty space, presumably left open for a battle with Glo.

“Girl dem mugshots is from you stealing not fighting bitch STFU,” Glo clapped back.

The back and forth comes on the heels of the Memphis native dropping a new mixtape, Ehhthang Ehhthang. Notably, on the track “Aite,” she can be heard promoting unity and peace among her fellow female rap peers.

She also addressed her relationship with City Girls star JT, shutting down, at least briefly, rumors of a feud between them.

GloRilla Shares New Mixtape Tracklist With Fans: ‘What Song Y’all Ready To Hear?’

GloRilla Shares New Mixtape Tracklist With Fans: ‘What Song Y’all Ready To Hear?’

“I just pray one day the bad bitches would come together/ ‘Cause Cardi and Nicki on a track would break some fuckin’ records/ Me and JT ain’t the best of friends but we ain’t beefin,’” she raps on the Kevo Muney-assisted track.

Rumors of a rift between GloRilla and JT have circulated since last summer when they reportedly got into an altercation at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

According to YouTuber Armon Wiggins, Glo threw a drink and a purse at JT after the Miami native snubbed her at the ceremony, leading to a fight between the pair.


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