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Halle Bailey Clip With DDG Has Fans Convinced She Gave Birth Leave a comment


Halle Bailey fans are convinced the singer/actor gave birth to her rumored child with DDG following a video the pair posted on Christmas.

The clip, shared on Monday (December 25), shows the couple baking Christmas cookies in their holiday pajamas. At one point, Halle braces herself and slowly gets up to walk away from the table – putting her full body on display as she did so. This in itself was notable to fans as she’s been covering her stomach amid pregnancy rumors for months, and seemed to have no qualms about showing it off now – as it appeared to be pretty flat.

In comments shared on Hollywood Unlocked, fans with children of their own said there was no mistaking the way The Little Mermaid star got up.

“She done had that baby every mom knows that stand up gave it up. aw congrats,” one person wrote. Another said: “That stand up is definitely the postpartum stand up I have six kids I definitely know wtf going on congratulations.”

Someone else added: “She had the baby , that’s why she stood up so slow . Cause she in pain and she wanted to show us she has no belly no more. Just my opinion.”

You can view the video in question for yourself below.

The rumors about Halle Bailey’s alleged pregnancy started earlier this year when she was seen walking behind DDG during a live video. Some fans said that she was looking a little thicker around the middle than she’d previously been, leading to the pregnancy speculation. It didn’t help that this was just after DDG had posted a sonogram on April Fool’s Day, and later said he was just joking.

Since then, she has seemed to regularly cover her stomach in photos with oversized clothing or objects. But in October, paparazzi-captured pictures further fueled the rumors when Halle was spotted wearing an oversized hoodie covering what seemed to be a “baby bump” in Santa Monica, CA.

While the pair never confirmed nor denied the rumors, Halle’s big sister Chlöe Bailey got “riled the hell up” over the speculation.

“Y’all better keep my sister’s name out of your mouth,” she said in an Instagram Live over the summer. “Thank you. Amen. Hallelujah. Shit. Got to get me riled the hell up. Anyways. Love you. We don’t play about Halle-lujah.”

Halle Bailey’s Six-Figure Spending Spree Leaves DDG Stressed: ‘Somebody Help Me’

Halle Bailey’s Six-Figure Spending Spree Leaves DDG Stressed: ‘Somebody Help Me’

In November, Halle checked a fan who commented that she had a “pregnancy nose” – but she didn’t exactly deny the allegation.

“Listen,” she said in an Instagram Story. “If I see one more person say something about my nose, one more time, it’s gonna be hell to pay. And you know why? ‘Cuz I am Black. I love my nose. What is you concerned about my nose for?”

HipHopDX has reached out to DDG’s reps for more information.


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