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Legacy Spanish automaker Hispano Suiza is gearing up to wow the public again with its latest all-electric hypercar. Donned the Carmen Sagrera, this new bespoke vehicle will arrive later this year as a nod to the Hispano Suiza’s extensive history and is promising some sportier improvements while retaining the brand’s “hyperlux” design philosophy. Peep the teaser video below.

Hispano Suiza is a boutique automaker out of Spain with nearly well over a century’s worth of experience. Originally founded in 1904, the brand established a prominent reputation by producing luxury cars, aircraft engines, trucks, and weapons throughout the early- to mid-1900s.

The name was revived just over a decade ago with a focus specifically on hypercars and that focus has since honed in on one-of-a-kind performance EVs. That renaissance began in 2019 with the debut of of a new electric hypercar called the Carmen.

Limited to only 24 units, Hispano Suiza offers customers complete customization, offering 1,904 possible design combinations, ensuring no two cars are alike. As if that was exclusive enough, Hispano Suiza announced a new variant of the hypercar called the Carmen Boulogne – limited to a mere five builds that cost at least $1.93 million each.

That earned the Carmen Boulogne a spot on our list of the most expensive EVs in the world. As an encore, Hispano Suiza has just teased another new variant of the Carmen called Sagrera. The teaser video posted today doesn’t give us much, but we have learned it will be sportier, covered in carbon fiber, and deliver better range compared to its predecessors.

Hispano Suiza’s new Carmen Sagrera to debut in 2024

The Spanish automaker shared a few exciting details about its third all-electric model, stating it will arrive as “the ideal testimony to the 120-year history of the company.” The electric hypercar was designed by Francesc Arenas, who has been with Hispano Suiza since 2017 and will have a rear end “dominated” by a massive exposed carbon fiber spoiler (seen above).

The Sagrera nomenclature is another nod to Hispano Suiza’s roots, as it comes from a district in Barcelona where the automaker established its first large-scale production facility in 1907.

What else do we know? The company says the Carmen Sagrera will maintain its “hyperlux” design philosophy similar to its siblings but with a larger battery. Hispano Suiza says the new Carmen hypercar will feature a 103 kWh capacity, resulting in better range. For comparison, the Boulogne utilizes an 80 kWh pack and offers up to 400km (249 miles) of all-electric range.

The previous iteration sits atop a 700V platform and offers performance specs like 1,160 Nm of torque and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 2.6 seconds. We’d expect Hispano Suiza to top those specs with the new sportier version of the Carmen now on the way.

According to the automaker, the Carmen Sagrera will be unveiled in June 2024 to commemorate its 120th anniversary. When that happens, we hope to learn more about the performance of this bespoke electric hypercar, how many will be built, and possibly how many millions of dollars each one will cost.

For now, however, all we have is this twelve-second teaser video:

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