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Ice Cube Extends ‘Big 3’ Invitation To Shaquille O’Neal Leave a comment


Ice Cube has extended an invitation to Shaquille O’Neal to join his Big 3 league, after the NBA superstar recently floating the idea of playing in the legends league

The former N.W.A. rapper turned basketball league owner wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “We got the contract ready for you, big fella. You got three months to get Diesel. You can eat all day in @thebig3 @SHAQ.”

While speaking with former Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers on his Big podcast, Shaq openly discussed the idea of returning to the court, even if he sounded somewhat reluctant.

He said t0 Chalmers: “You think I can play in the Big 3?”

To which the current Big 3 player replied: “Yeah, easily. I got the perfect spot for you too. Come over there with me and Mike Beasley. You ain’t gotta do nothing but stay in the paint.”

Shaq then said: “You really think I could play? I thought about it. I just had hip surgery and I ain’t played since. I don’t think I can get back in that mood.”

Shaq retired from the NBA 13 years ago and would represent a coup for the Big 3 as he would be by far the most recognizable player to join the league, which also features former stars such as Joe Johnson, Rashard Lewis and Jason Richardson.

Cube is also on record as a huge fan of Shaq, naming him one of the five greatest basketball players of all time.

Ice Cube Laughs Off Lakers' In-Season NBA Cup Victory: 'It's More Of A Certificate'

Ice Cube Laughs Off Lakers’ In-Season NBA Cup Victory: ‘It’s More Of A Certificate’

“I love Michael Jordan. I love Kobe; Shaq [is] incredible,” the rapper turned film and sports mogul has said in the past. “After that, it just starts to get a little blurry for me. But you know, Magic Johnson, he’s definitely out there as one of my favorites. And I love the Iceman, George Gervin.”

Ice Cube and his Big 3 league have recently been battling with the NBA, accusing the world’s premier basketball league of trying to sabotage the upstart.

The “Today Was A Good Day” rapper has claimed the NBA discouraged potential sponsors and television networks from partnering with his burgeoning brand.

The claim sparked an official investigation into whether the NBA has broken any antitrust laws.


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