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Chinese EV automaker IM Motors is on the cusp of launching its fourth EV model and is touting some impressive specs to get the hype train going. The company’s co-CEO recently shared that the new L6 EV will be powered by a 900V platform equipped with solid-state batteries that can deliver over 1,000 km of range on a single charge.

IM Motors has only been around for 3.5 years but has quickly imprinted on a booming segment of luxury EVs in China. The all-electric automaker operates as a joint venture between SAIC Motor and Alibaba and launched its initial lineup of three vehicles in 2021.

That consisted of the full-size L7 sedan and two mid-size SUVs, the LS7 and LS6. As an encore, IM Motors has been promoting a new mid-size sedan called the L6, which first debuted at the Geneva Auto Show this past February.

Since then, there has been a lot of talk about this latest entry in the luxury EV segment, as the L6 will be the first model to hit the market since parent company SAIC signed a joint venture with QingTao Energy to develop and implement solid-state batteries.

Today, IM Motors’ co-CEO confirmed the new L6 EV will be one of the first in the Chinese market to be powered by genuine solid-state batteries, delivering massive range without sacrificing performance by settling for rear-wheel drive.

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IM Motors’ L6 EV delivers 1,000km range plus AWD

IM Motors shared more details of the upcoming L6 sedan on its Weibo page earlier today, outlining a “quasi 900V” platform featuring solid-state batteries. IM Motor has not confirmed who is supplying the next-generation energy-dense cells for the EV’s architecture. Still, it’s a safe guess that they come from QingTao Energy Development.

The post also teased some of the futuristic capabilities of the L6, including videos showcasing the ability to drive sideways (diagonally, really) to get in and out of tight spaces.

CnEVPost points out that local media in China, the solid-state pack offers a whopping 130 kWh capacity, and IM Motors’ co-CEO Liu Tao confirmed the new EV will deliver over 1,000km (620 miles) of CLTC range on a single charge.

Tao also pointed out that the L6 will feature all-wheel drive performance simultaneously. This is impressive considering most other EVs promising range anywhere near 1,000km use single-motor RWD configurations. In that sense, IM Motors’ new EV could deliver a one-two punch in extended range and performance.

We’ve seen other automakers in China make similar range promises in upcoming EVs, like NIO, for example. However, those models feature semi-solid-state cells that require a larger (heavier) pack of 150 kWh.

Seeing an authentic solid-state powered EV hit the market is an exciting notion that could undoubtedly pave the way for full-fledged integration of the technology in all EVs well beyond China. We will learn more about the L6’s capabilities during its technical launch event at the Beijing Auto Show on April 8.

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