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Is this Rivian’s more affordable R2 electric SUV spotted in the wild? Leave a comment


As we get closer to the official debut of Rivian’s more affordable R2, we are finally getting a better idea of what to expect. After teasing the model for the first time yesterday, Rivian’s R2 was reportedly spotted filming in downtown LA shortly after.

Rivian’s R2 spotted filming in LA ahead of March 7 debut

Rivian opened the R2 website yesterday, teasing the first look at the new EV in an intro video. The new EV will be revealed on March 7 at its new flagship Laguna showroom.

Although Rivian teased the new model leading up to its highly anticipated debut, we have yet to see what it looks like in full, until now. A patent filed by Rivian last month revealed a more compact electric SUV than the R1S with slightly smaller headlights.

The patent images align with the clay models Rivian had previously shown. You can see in the patent images the model shown also has smaller rear quarter panels.

Although a bit smaller, the R2 will “capture the essence” of the Rivian brand in a compact form at a cheaper price point.

Rivian has said the R2 will start at around $40K to $50K, drastically lower than its current R1T and R1S models (~$80K).

Most recently, Rivian’s R2 was reportedly spotted filming in downtown LA on Thursday. The images, courtesy of Daniel Aland Getting, show what appears to be the smaller Rivian R2.

A zoomed-in photo was posted on Reddit, claiming it was the R2 charging next to the Rivian R1S. The moderator said the OP confirmed it was a real photo, not an AI-based image.

(Source: New-Enthusiasm/ Reddit)

You can clearly see the size difference between the two vehicles. As mentioned before, the R2 will likely have smaller rear quarter panels in a more compact package.

(Source: USPTO)

One user pointed out that the charging port has been moved to the passenger side for some reason. You can also see several minor design changes, like a lack of chrome and new wheels.

Rivian will officially reveal the new R2 at its Laguna showroom on March 7, 2024, at 10 am PST. The event will be live-streamed. You can check back here for the full details.

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