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Jack Harlow Addresses Whether He’ll Do A Remix Of ‘Lovin On Me’ Leave a comment


Jack Harlow‘s “Lovin On Me” has been one of the rapper’s most successful songs, which is why he was recently asked whether he’d consider giving it the remix treatment.

Fans, however, may be disappointed by the answer.

“No,” he said pretty straightforwardly when TMZ confronted him about the matter on Saturday (February 24), before scurrying away and half-heartedly saying, “I gotta go.”

Check out the clip below.

On February 12, Billboard reported that the track jumped from the second spot to No.1. on the Hot 100. It first topped the tally in December, followed by two weeks in January.

The single from the Kentucky rapper, which was released late last year to critical acclaim, has already made history.

Earlier this month, he became the only rapper other than Drake to bag a top spot on the aforementioned list for four consecutive years. He previously secured the top spot for his feature on Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” in 2021, “First Class” in 2022, and “Lovin On Me” in 2023.

Harlow originally unveiled the new single back in November of 2023.

The rapper acknowledged the song as the beginning of a “new era” for his career as he wrote on Twitter: “Thank u for allowing me to reset this year. I moved back to Kentucky and gave u an album I could not have made on the road.

“Surrounded by family & childhood friends this has been one of the happiest years of my life. But now… a new era begins.”

Jack Harlow Partners With Meta For Virtual Reality Concert & Documentary

Jack Harlow Partners With Meta For Virtual Reality Concert & Documentary

Built on a sample of R&B singer Delbert “Dale” Greer’s 1995 track “Whatever,” the blockbuster joint features him spitting playful, confident rhymes — including shoutouts to  Rico Suave, Enrique Iglesias, and Detroit rapper Skilla Baby — over a bouncy, club-friendly beat.

The track’s upbeat vibe is reflected in its accompanying music video, which shows a mullet-sporting Harlow busting moves for the camera, flexing his biceps in a skimpy vest and holding a puppy alongside cameos from male friends and partygoing girls.

“Lovin On Me” isn’t the only new music from the “Tyler Herro” rapper. Just before 2023 came to an end, he joined forces with Grammy-nominated producer 2forwOyNE on a joint titled “Drive Safe.”

The Louisville-bred rhymer took to Instagram to share the release of the toxic love track chronicling a situationship, on which he raps: “And then it’s a forehead kiss on the doorstep/ The way she tryna stay is like she studied at Morehead/ But nah, she went to Western/ The body of Corvette, bellbottom jeans and a lil’ bitty corset/ Neelam ain’t a fan of her/ She tried to give me caution signs like the floor’s wet/ But the problem is somеthing else is too/ Steady pussy ain’t еver felt this new.”


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